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Wedding Etiquette: Seating Your Guests

1000509261001_2013980530001_William-Shakespeare-The-Life-of-the-BardTo sit, or not to sit, that is the question. Well, ok maybe Shakespeare isn’t necessary for pondering the significance of who to seat where at your wedding reception. Then again, there are probably some heavier-esque things to consider. Firstly, be aware of any issues of physical ability. If grandma is in a wheelchair, be sure to seat her near an entrance/exit for easy access in case of fire, or in case of something more mundane, like needing to use the restroom. Also consider theproximity of her location to meal and beverage if you are doing a buffet-style reception. Even if she is not making her plate up herself, someone else will be no doubt assisting her, and so the distance to travel should be considered. Now remember, other family will also want to sit near her, like mom, and maybe even yourself, so you’ll have to consider her seat in relationship to other people, as well as her needs.

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