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Succulent Bridal Bouquet / Danielle & Jared / Ryland Inn / Paul Francis Photography

Planning & Inspiration

Smitten with Succulents

Search “#succulent” on Instagram, and you’ll quickly get an idea of just how beloved these beautiful water-bearers have become.  With hashtags like, #succulentjunkie, #succulentaddict, #succulentporn, and #succulentfreak, lovers of these blushing beauties are nothing if not devoted – and what’s not to love?

Succulent Bouquets / Amanda & Corey / Picnic House / DeNueva Photo

Succulent Bouquets / Amanda & Corey / Picnic House / DeNueva Photo


Not only are succulents gorgeous, their thick, fleshy leaves make them easy to take care of and to incorporate into any flower arrangement. “There’s just something about them that make people happy,”  says our Creative Director Lindsay Saltz, “Whenever we’re setting up for a wedding that includes succulents, the wedding planners, venue staff, and passersby always go nuts when they see them.”
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Planning & Inspiration

Bouquet Recipe: Sweet Succulents

Sweet Succulent Bouquet Recipe

This bouquet recipe from Amanda Reppond’s wedding at the Picnic House in Prospect Park uses a classic pink and green color scheme to achieve a preppy, elegant style with a unique twist. The unexpected pairing of miniature succulents with traditional white roses, accented by splashes of pink and lime from green viburnum and pink lisianthus, make this bouquet as unforgettable as Amanda’s special day.

For more on this wedding: A Wedding at The Picnic House in Prospect Park 

Photography: DeNueva Photo