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What I Love About Chuppahs


hessert-chuppah-010When I designed my first Chuppah, I loved the unique opportunity this was to create a sacred place of love and unity. Not being Jewish, this was not a tradition I was familiar with, so designing it was also a wonderfully eye-opening cultural experience. Naturally I love celebrations, but I have a special place in my heart for all things wedding.


In case you do not know, the Chuppah is featured at traditional Jewish weddings. According to Chabad.org,

The chuppah is a tapestry attached to the tops of four poles. The word chuppah means covering or protection, and is intended as a roof or covering for the bride and groom at their wedding.

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Planning & Inspiration

Are Two Weddings Twice The Fun?

First thought, umm yess! We found a great article in the NYT about couples who have to arrange their special day twice due to their family’s religious or cultural traditions. Check out this interesting podcast to explore whether anyone really needs two weddings and how to price accordingly.

Are Two Weddings Twice The Fun?

Planning & Inspiration

Very Very Cool Chuppah Design

This just in… One of the coolest chuppah structures we have ever seen! It was from a wedding at the New York Public Library. It’s made of books and hanging light bulbs from the center. We can’t imagine how much time was spent on creating this. Hopefully the books were recycled!

Photos were taken by Dave Robbins Photography. Check out these fantastic pictures.


Big (Huge) Greek Wedding

Our team worked so hard this past weekend pulling off a huge Greek wedding where flowers ruled the day! Hydrangea and peonies were the primary flowers and the arrangements were made to WOW! It was well worth the effort and the arrangements were stunning.