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Kristina Bailey - Portrait of a Dress - via Portrait of a Dress.com

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6 Custom Wedding Art Ideas

The love and excitement you feel on your wedding day is like never before. You are about to start a new life with the person you care about most, surrounded by family and friends. This is a moment you’ll want to cherish and revisit for years to come. Capture the day in a personal way with a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Here are 6 inspiring custom wedding art ideas.

Portrait of a DressArtist Kristina Bailey was asked by a friend to paint his bride’s wedding dress as an anniversary gift. This sparked the idea to make portraits of wedding dresses, capturing the exquisite details and sumptuous fabrics. You absolutely loved your wedding dress. It was pretty enough for a painting! With Portrait of a Dress, you can go back to that day, and evoke the beauty and ease you felt wearing your gown whenever you want!
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