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January 24, 2017

Floral Hairpieces for Brides


Wedding Party / Cammie & Peter / Brooklyn Botanical Garden / Nicki Sebastian Photography

Wedding Party / Cammie & Peter / Brooklyn Botanical Garden / Nicki Sebastian Photography


Flowers bring the romance, beauty and whimsy to a wedding day, and I am sure most of us can agree the more the merrier.There are so many different ways to include flowers in your special day beyond bouquets and centerpieces. Today we’ll be looking at a few different ways of incorporating flowers into your hair, a fun and creative way to enhance your hairstyle and overall bridal look.

For all of you flower children out there, a flower crown is a great way to channel your bohemian spirit. When designing a flower crown for your wedding day, there are a few different routes you can take.

A simple wreath of greens is always an elegant choice, and many types of greenery lend themselves well to crown making including Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, Pine, and Rosemary.  Rustic and ‘outdoorsy,’ these crowns are perfect for a forest wedding.  Vibrant greens offer a great contrast to your white gown, while keeping your overall look modest and natural. Small-scale blooms like Baby’s Breath or micro Daisies are a great option if you want to add a light touch of florals to your otherwise all-green crown.

If you’re designing a full flower crown, playing with the crown’s symettry will help you decide what type of look you want.  A crown that has flowers around the full perimeter means the crown will be fully symmetrical and have the same amount of flowers in the front and back. Some brides choose to have a crown that is all flowers in the front and just greens or ribbon in the back.  Another modern look is to create a crown that has a large floral focal point and is heavily structured to one side. For example, the right side of the crown could host a cluster of flowers while the left is scarce.

While creating a crown it is important to pick flowers that go with your other arrangements and align with the season.  It is also key that the flowers compliment your dress style.  For example, if you’re wearing a silk low back dress, adding in White Tibet Roses or a single Orchid will flatter the sleekness, while a lacey Boho-inspired dress will respond beautifully to brightly colored Garden Roses or Daisies.

Flowers in the Rose family, especially Garden Roses and Spray Roses work very well for headpieces, as well as Mums, Sunflowers, Ranunculus, and Tropical Orchids.  If you want to have multiple people in the wedding party wearing crowns, a great way to find that balance is to have your bridesmaids wear crowns of that same greenery that serves as the base for a more elaborate floral bridal crown.

Have fun with it and don’t be scared to experiment with wild and free and clean and simple.


If you’re looking for something a little more subtle,  floral hair placements are a great option with limitless possibility.  This can include a flower cluster on one side accentuating your profile, a flower barette placed in a low bun or one or two flowers highlighting a side ponytail.

When designing a floral hairpiece, you often want to pick a floral focal point and then play around the the space around it. A large garden rose, for exmaple, can be placed in the center, while smaller spray roses and greenery fill in the surrounding space. Attaching a cluster of blooms to a clip,comb, or barette ensures they will stay secure as you dance the night away.

Another popular bridal hairstyle is a low bun that rests right above your neck. Adding a floral piece right above the low bun (as seen below) can imitate a flower crown without covering your entire head. Starting with greens, and adding in a few special flowers really dresses up this simple and elegant look and adds a touch of romance.

Finally, there’s a new popular trend of attaching a cluster of flowers to the comb that holds your veil in place. Baby’s Breath, Greenery and even smaller flowers like  Spray Roses serve this purpose well.  This  simple touch allows you to have the best of both worlds: the coveted classic veil with a festive touch of stylish florals.


Depending on your bridal style, sometimes the best way to incorporate flowers into your hair is by avoiding structure entirely. After you’ve chosen your hairstyle, be it a French twist, a Dutch braid, or a messy low bun, you can simply add flowers whereever you see fit! This works well with smaller clusters of blooms like micro Daisies, Lavender, Baby’s Breah, and Spray Berries.  Braids lend themselves well to this because there are so many nooks and crannies to house the flowers, and creates a long sough after Rapunzel look.  Adding flowers to a messy braid or bun is a great way to polish it up and keep it looking intentional.


Enhancing your wedding hair with flowers is a great way to incorporate romance and elegance no matter what style  you choose.




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January 2, 2017

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Every Bride and Groom


As the new year rolls in and the ball drops at midnight, we are all hoping for a smooth transition into 2017 and cannot wait to see the excitement that is to come. As brides and grooms, the new year can mean it’s finally here, the most exciting, but also stressful, time of your lives. Where to begin the planning process, what needs to be accomplished and what are the steps to take so the big day goes off with a bang? Every new year, we discuss and promise our resolutions, but when the new year is the year of your wedding, those resolutions may change, and we have found five perfect resolutions that will help keep your year on track to ensure successful wedding preparations before the happiest day of your life!

1. Keep a Wedding To-Do List

The best way to keep yourself on track is to create a wedding to-do list. Once you have your wedding date confirmed, making a timeline leading up to the date is a huge help. I find that while creating timelines for any type of event, it is beneficial to add deadlines for when you want certain tasks to be completed. This keeps your planning process organized and secure. Add in aspects like your wedding dress (including payments, fittings, pickup), groom’s tuxedo, bridesmaids’ dresses, photographer, invitation send-outs, booking your florals and everything else in between.  Having this information written out, whether you make yourself a wedding binder or use your email calendar, helps you to stay focused and check marks off of your list to make sure everything is completed in time for your big day!

Wedding Planning Checklist by MarryThis - via MODWEDDING

Wedding Planning Checklist by MarryThis – via MODWEDDING

2. Create an Inspiration Board

This is one of my favorite resolutions for brides and grooms, and the one which I truly believe is the most helpful. Many have dreamed of their wedding, yet when it comes down to choosing a theme, color scheme, accents, florals and overall décor, it is hard to narrow it down to one idea. Keeping an inspiration board from the beginning of the year helps to embody all of the ideas you love as they appear to you. Maybe it’s a picture of centerpieces from a wedding catalog or florals from Pinterest. Whatever it may be, clipping the picture or keeping a file on your computer is a great way to create the perfect vision for which you have always been longing. A wedding inspiration board is a seamless way to guarantee that your vision comes to life and a handy tool to bring to meetings with your florist and designer. It can also assist as a reference for your own DIY projects. Inspiration boards provide all of your ideas at your fingertips; you can mix and match until you have created your perfect wedding fantasy.

3. Take Time When Choosing Wedding Florals

Another resolution for a bride and groom is to take your time and research flowers for your wedding. Here at Bride and Blossom, we know how important it is to have a good idea of the types of florals you would like to use and have a few tips to help you pick flowers to add the most beautiful organic touch. No matter what you choose, florals can make the room feel light, vibrant and romantic, but picking flowers that are in season can help stay on budget. For example, if you’re having a winter wedding, it’s great to go with warm color tones like burgundies, plums and reds. Adding greens to your bouquets and arrangements gives a wintery feeling and using flowers like roses, brunia balls and dark-colored carnations ensures a rich winter ambiance that creates the perfect touch. If you’re getting married in the summer, a color scheme that revolves around creams and whites, with subtle pops of blush, peach and yellow, gives off airy sensations. Adding in accents like baby’s breath and softer flowers like garden roses, ranunculus and lilies creates a whimsical feeling that gracefully complements the spring and summer months. I think it’s really important to devote time and effort to choosing the flowers for your wedding because they bring the magic and passion to the day — make sure not to take them for granted!

4. Make This a Healthy Year

Once you have your wedding agenda set up and have picked your theme and ambiance, it’s time to focus on you. It is extremely easy to forget to take care of yourself during this crazy and hectic planning process, and we want you to remember to always take care of yourself first! Let’s make this year a healthy one! Focusing on exercising, whether that involves cardio, yoga or anything else to get the body moving, and overall nutritional and mental health will help you feel like a better you. It can get away from you in the few months of planning, but sticking to your healthy resolution will help you feel vibrant and beautiful for your big day.

12 Months to a Healthier Life - via Beach Body Blog

12 Months to a Healthier Life – via Beach Body Blog

5. Reduce Stress and Have More Fun

Our last resolution for planning your wedding is to ease up on yourself and have more fun! It is easy to get caught up in a world full of shopping, ordering and the chaos of planning. It is also easy to lose the enjoyment of your wedding. Planning your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we really want to make sure that you enjoy it to the fullest. Take it one step at a time, ask for help and follow our wedding planning resolutions for an enjoyable and memorable experience that you will never forget.

Happy New Year - via Kaartje2go

Happy New Year – via Kaartje2go


Have a wonderful 2017 and a joyous wedding season!


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September 16, 2016

Floral Wedding Traditions from Around the World


It’s easy to take for granted the wedding traditions we know so well, such as the first dance or tossing the bouquet. But our wedding ceremonies, rituals, and festivities vary greatly from culture to culture, including how we incorporate blooms & botanicals. Today we take a look at some floral wedding traditions from around the world, from competitive garland-giving to double bridal bouquets.


Italian Wedding Car Flowers via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Aynhoe Park / Alexa Loy Photography

Italian Wedding Car Flowers via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Alexa Loy Photography


We’ve all seen movies where the bride & groom clank away in their decked out wedding car, but in Italy it’s often a reality for the couple to make their first exit as man and wife in a car covered in fresh blooms.  As they drive off to wedded bliss, passersby will honk and shout “Auguri!” to wish the new couple a long and joyous marriage.



Thai Floral Garlands via Thai Top Wedding

Thai Floral Garlands via Thai Top Wedding


Thai floral garlands, called malai song chai, are often worn by both the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony.  Dating back over 200 years to the reign of King Rama V, who declared garland-making a required skill for the women of the royal court, these garlands range from simple to highly complex.  Jasmine is most often used as the core flower, giving the garlands a lovely, strong scent.



Flower Girl's Herbal Bouquet via Wedding Chicks / Keith Riley Photography

Flower Girl’s Herbal Bouquet via Wedding Chicks / Keith Riley Photography


In Sweden, the flower girl will carry a bouquet of herbs believed to ward off evil spirits, while the groom carries a sprig of thyme in his pocket for good luck.  Another fun fact about Swedish weddings – the bride and groom walk down the aisle together, as they look down on the bride being “given away” by her father and owned by another man.



Jaimala Garland via Utsavpedia

Jaimala Garland via Utsavpedia


Jaimala literally translates to “victory garland,”  as they were originally used to decorate men returning from battle. Traditionally, the bride places the garland around the groom’s neck as a way of accepting his proposal.  The groom returns the gift with another garland called the mangal sutra. At some ceremonies, each person tries to get their garland over their partner’s head first, with friends and family slyly trying to give advantage to their relation.  Some say the last to be garlanded will be the dominant member of the marriage.  In Northern India, red and whites roses are typical, whereas in the South, marigold and bright orange are the traditional colors of choice.



Mexican Bridal Bouquets via Three Drops of Sunshine

Mexican Bridal Bouquets via Three Drops of Sunshine


In traditional Mexican weddings, the bride will sometimes carry two bouquets – one for herself, and one to honor the Virgin Mary, which will be left as an offering in the church after the ceremony.  The bride’s madrina de ramo is a girl chosen to carry her second bouquet prior to the ceremony.


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July 15, 2016

Classic Elegance at Le Parker Meridien


Joyce and Patrick were married in impeccable style this past winter at the inimitable Parker Meridien in upper Manhattan.

Cute Couple Joyce and Patrick Le Parker Meridien Susan Stripling Photography-11

Joyce and Patrick / Le Parker Meridien / Susan Stripling Photography


The couple said their vows beneath a stunning square archway adorned with dramatic flowering quince branches before an aisle lined with additional branches and elegant white pillar candles. “Throughout the planning process with Joyce, there was one constant aesthetic that she envisioned…clean and classic with subtle pops of color and texture,” explains Senior Catering Sales Manager Lisa Elias, “The final result was beautiful with a romantic glow in the ceremony room with all of the candles lining the aisle.”

Alter Joyce and Patrick Parker Meridien Susan Stripling

Altar / Joyce and Patrick / Le Parker Meridien / Susan Stripling Photography


The bride held a bouquet of white garden roses, white and green ranunculus, sweet pea, orchid blooms and peony tulips, tied with an elegant corseted champagne ribbon.

Bouquet Collage / Joyce and Patrick / Le Parker Meridien Susan Stripling Photography

Bridal Bouquet / Joyce and Patrick / Le Parker Meridien Susan Stripling Photography


The reception was held in the Estrela Penthouse, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. Guests were greeted by a pedestal vase of quince branches and lush centerpieces of cream hydrangeas, dappled with green and blush la perla roses.  “In the ballroom, the combination of high and low centerpieces, all with white, cream and blush flowers with pops of green surrounded by candles and enhanced with gold-beaded chargers provided a beautiful tablescape that transformed the Estrela Penthouse into an enchanted garden, especially with the floral runner on the head table,” continues Elias, “Simple, romantic and stunning!”

Reception Joyce and Patrick Parker Meridien Susan Stripling Photography

Reception / Joyce and Patrick / Le Parker Meridien / Susan Stripling Photography


Tablescape Joyce and Patrick Le Parker Meridien Susan Stripling

Tablescape / Joyce and Patrick / Le Parker Meridien / Susan Stripling Photography


The couple’s stunning pink and gold floral cake was created by My Daughter’s Cakes.

Wedding Cake Collage Joyce and Patrick Le Parker Meridien Susan Stripling

Wedding Cake / Joyce and Patrick / Le Parker Meridien / Susan Stripling Photography


Wedding Photographer: Susan Stripling
Venue: Le Parker Meridien
Cake: My Daughter’s Cakes


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May 4, 2016

Bridal Beauty at The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park


ritz carlton battery park, fred marcus photography (8)
One of the best parts of working with Bride & Blossom is having the opportunity to hear the amazing love stories of our brides. Liza and Jesse’s story is no exception!

“Jesse’s sister Carly introduced me to Jesse at her Hanukkah party several years ago. My close friend from college grew up in the same town as Jesse and is close friends with Carly. It took Jesse almost a year to ask me out, but after our first date, the rest was history. Being married to Jesse makes me feel like the luckiest girl!”


ritz carlton battery park, fred marcus photography (10)


We think she’s pretty lucky too, especially helping to create a classic ambiance for her traditional wedding at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park. Liza went with a clean, simple color palette in shades of white and ivory with blush accents that popped against the dominant neutrals she chose. With a show-stopping venue like The Ritz-Carlton, she knew better than to overdo it on décor, and let the setting add to the classy, romantic mood.


“My most memorable moments of my wedding day began with my mom buttoning my gown and my dad seeing me for the first time. At the event, the most special moments were seeing Jesse’s smile as I walked down the aisle and being surrounded by our closest friends and family on the dance floor. It was the most magical night of our lives!”


ritz carlton battery park, fred marcus photography, bouquet

We loved working on this stunning and deceptively simple bouquet for Liza to carry down the aisle. 30 cream vendela roses were hand-tied with ribbon that complemented the bride’s dress, and the groom’s boutonniere contained a single cream vendela rose wrapped in ribbon that matched the bride’s bouquet.


low centerpiece - ritz-carlton battery park wedding in NYC - photography by fred marcus


Gorgeous high centerpieces of white hydrangeas and blush-colored roses accented with tall, floating votives decorated some tables, while lower flower arrangements mixed with the same tall floating votives created transparent levels where guests would be seated. Overall, the mood was classic, chic, and 100% New York City bride.


All photos by Fred Marcus Photography


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April 25, 2016

Unique Rustic DIY Decor Ideas


adjective rus·tic \ˈrəs-tik

1. of or relating to the countryside; rural.
2. constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion; in particular.


Considering the actual meaning of the term, “rustic” weddings can end up being more elaborate and expensive than the more traditionally-styled weddings that people usually associate with being generally over-the-top. With the warmer months upon us, barn weddings that mix outdoor elements with a cozy, casual indoor setting are abundant.

The rustic theme is a blank canvas, offering tons of opportunities for you to lend your own creative touch to the decor. You can even collaborate with your florist to pair custom floral designs in your color palette with handmade decor elements to take the DIY wedding trend to the next level. For full tutorials on the ideas here, click the links below each image!


Painted Pails 

via e how


Rope Ottomans 

via Style Me Pretty


Portable Guest Book 

via Wedding Chicks


Kissing Bell 

via Wedding Wire


DIY French Buffet 

via Tumblr


Burlap Sign 

via Rustic Wedding Chic


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