March 8, 2021

Escort Card Table or Seating Chart: Which Is Right For You?

Amanda and Thomas Wedding - Escort Card Table Detail - Essex House - Kelly Guenther Photography

Amanda and Thomas Wedding – Escort Card Table Detail – Essex House – Kelly Guenther Photography


Ask anyone who has gone through the process, figuring out the seating plan is one of the most brain-racking tasks of wedding planning. Unfortunately, once you have the plan mapped out on paper, there are still more details to consider in this area – specifically, the manner in which your guests will be guided to their seats. Typically, an escort card table or seating chart is used as decorative place marker, welcoming everyone to the reception while instructing them to where they should go and settle into for the rest of the night. The main goals of the escort card table and seating chart are to maintain visual interest, usher seamless flow from Part 1 to Part 2 of the event, and provide clear seating information. Unsure of which option is best for you? We are here to help.
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December 12, 2017

Interview with Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy

In the age of social media and digital everything, more and more couples want something beautiful, handmade and unique to commemorate their special day. There has been a renaissance of the art of handwriting in recent years thanks to master calligrapher Laura Hooper. We sat down to discuss her beautiful art and business!

Laura Hooper - via

Laura Hooper – via

Calligraphy literally means “beautiful handwriting” in Greek. First appearing around 600 BC in Rome, calligraphy was a highly regarded form of artistic expression, later used to adorn the pages of sacred religious texts. In China, calligraphy was the most revered visual art form, valued above painting and sculpture. With its focus on speed, streamlined methods, and sleek minimalist design, the modern age sought a new way communicate words on the page. Print and typefaces were introduced and soon handwritten letters were replaced with ones generated on a typewriter. Today, notes, no matter how important, are often reduced to a quick text or email. Despite this digital age, we’ve definitely noticed this trend in the wedding industry and were actually introduced to Laura’s stunning hand calligraphy work through a Real BB Wedding.
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