Breathtaking Floral Ceilings


Nothing quite takes your breath away like walking beneath a sky of levitated blooms. Ethereal and whimsical, a floral ceiling is the most dramatic way to transform a space and is guaranteed to wow your guests.


Floral Ceiling / Hudson Hotel / Cait J McCarthy Photography


So how are floral ceilings actually constructed?

“The ease of the on-site installation process really depends on the venue and what we have to work with,” explains Creative Director Lindsay Saltz, “Some venues have the perfect ceilings to attach wires and other necessary mechanics to…and others not so much. But once we get going and develop a rhythm, the actual hanging of the flowers becomes fairly easy. We mostly rely on wires and string to create a hanging treatment or chandelier.”



Similar to floral ceilings, suspended floral backdrops are trending as an alternative to archways or flanked arrangements for ceremonies. “Flower walls became popular but require a lot of flowers, so not exactly budget-friendly for everyone,” says Lindsay,  “While the suspended blooms aren’t necessarily cost-effective, depending on what we use and how elaborate it is, it’s more or less the same as an archway – and creates a really creative and unique look that your guests will never forget.”


Floral Ceiling / Jiao + Chuang / Hudson Hotel / Cait J McCarthy Photography

Floral Ceiling / Jiao + Chuang / Hudson Hotel / Cait J McCarthy Photography


The possibilities surrounding suspended blooms are endless – whether it’s a stretch of roses leading to the altar, a floral chandelier at the reception, or simply a full-coverage ceiling of blooms – if you’re going for jaw-dropping flower-drama, levitation is your friend.



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