Ashley & Tiffany Say “I Do” Under A Breathtaking Floral Chandelier


Ashley & Tiffany Wedding – Ceremony – Green Building Brooklyn – Amber Gress Photography


As soon as Ashley started planning, she knew that her and Tiffany’s wedding would look and feel different from any before. Here, the bride with an eye for design talks about blending personal touches into an ultra-stylish ceremony.

Part 3: Ceremony and Floral Chandelier

The Green Building had all the qualities Ashley, our featured bride and aspiring wedding planner, was looking for: an open, bare space offering endless creative options for styling and décor. “Wedding décor is constantly evolving,” says Ashley. “I feel like a great way to accentuate and bring romance and drama to a space is with hanging flowers. So I knew that I wanted a circle of flowers hanging over us.”


Ashley & Tiffany Wedding – Suspended Flower Chandelier Garden Rose Hydrangea Phalaenopsis Orchid Dahlia – Green Building Brooklyn – Amber Gress Photography


Ashley’s vision took shape in a jaw dropping floral chandelier, which served as the backdrop for the couple’s ceremony. The one-of-a-kind design featured voluminous hydrangeas, roses, carnations, phalaenopsis orchids, and café au lait dahlias in soft shades of white, cream, and blush. Seeded eucalyptus and lemon leaf complemented the blooms, adding a natural touch to the display. Ashley looks back and says, “It was absolutely amazing and really brought out the romantic feel we were going for.”


Ashley & Tiffany Wedding – Program – Green Building Brooklyn – Amber Gress Photography


As guests took their seats, they were welcomed with a breathtaking scene composed of a lush floral canopy and elegant draping illuminated by cascading lights. The bride’s mother escorted her and the pair radiated with each step down the rose petal aisle. When Ashley met Tiffany under the suspended blossoms, the couple’s modern meets romantic style came into full view. And at that moment, everyone sensed the ceremony about to take place would be unique from any they had ever witnessed.


Ashley & Tiffany Wedding – Ashley Coming Down Aisle – Green Building Brooklyn – Amber Gress Photography


Ashley & Tiffany Wedding – Ceremony – Green Building Brooklyn – Amber Gress Photography


You can get married in the most gorgeous setting. But the weddings that we most remember are those that use personal and often surprising details to express the love shared between two people. Ashley and Tiffany talked with their officiant, Deborah Roth, about incorporating a unique tradition into their wedding. “She brought up so many options on how to personalize our ceremony. We fell in love with the meaning behind handfasting,” says Ashley. Originating in Celtic tradition, the ritual symbolizes the couple binding their lives together. Ashley and Tiffany performed the handfast ceremony right before exchanging vows. “The tie that we used to wrap our hands together was made by my grandmother, mother, and little sister. It represents so much to us now. In the future, we plan to use it to celebrate important moments in our life together.”


Ashley & Tiffany Wedding – Ceremony – Green Building Brooklyn – Amber Gress Photography


Stay tuned next week for Part 4 when Ashley talks about partying the night away with a fun filled reception complete with a live painter!


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