May 24, 2017

6 Signature Cocktails Perfect For A Summer Wedding


After months of planning, you are taking care of the final details for your summer wedding. Admittedly, you’re tired, but still have to pin down the drink menu. Now is not the time to skimp though. Having a refreshing signature cocktail for guests to sip on is especially important during the hottest season of the year. When choosing a custom libation, first consider which type of alcohol and flavors you and your husband-to-be like best. And to add a special personal touch to your drink, we suggest matching it with your wedding colors!


Oregon Summer Camp Wedding - Leslie and Christopher - Floral Cocktails - via 100 Layer

Oregon Summer Camp Wedding – Leslie and Christopher – Floral Cocktails – via 100 Layer


For the bride in need of inspiration, here are five signature cocktails to serve at your summer wedding.

Coconut Margarita: We can’t think of another more appropriate drink for a beachside reception than the coconut margarita. Crisp and delicious, this version calls for coconut milk, tequila, triple sec, coconut water, and fresh lime wedges as garnish. The drink’s creamy hue and green accent are a perfect complement to a summer white wedding. Get the complete Coconut Margarita recipe here.



Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail Float: This simple, seasonal drink calls for just two ingredients – limoncello and Prosecco, the Italian sparkling wine that is most welcome once the temps start to rise. Adding to the celebrations, the cocktail’s cheerful hue looks lovely with a wedding color combo of yellow, green, and shimmering gray. Get the complete Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail Float recipe here.



Paloma Italiana: Grapefruit is a thirst-quenching flavor that looks gorgeous in a cocktail. And the orange-citrusy color pairs beautifully with a peach-based wedding palette. A flavorful twist on the classic Mexican beverage, the Paloma Italiana mixes tequila, Campari citrus juices, agave nectar, and a grapefruit twist for garnish. Click here for the complete Paloma Italiana recipe.



The Wild Berry Smash: Berry season peaks between mid-June and early July. If your wedding falls on these dates, take advantage of summer’s favorite fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries by incorporating them into your signature cocktail. To make the Wild Berry Smash, you’ll need berries, lemon, and Belvedere Wild Berry Vodka. This drink not only tastes incredible, but is also a festive expression of summer’s natural beauty. Get the complete Wild Berry Smash recipe here.



Pink Fizz: Shades of vibrant pink and coral are perfect for the bride who wants to evoke a light and whimsical atmosphere on her wedding day. Capture the joyous mood with the Pink Fizz, a cool cocktail made with vodka, simple syrup, crushed ice, champagne, and mint leaves as a garnish. Complete your wedding décor with accents of gold and green. Click here for the complete Pink Fizz recipe.



Lavender Lemonade Mojito: Lavender is a fragrant herb that adds wonderful flavor to food and drink recipes. And it’s the key ingredient for the lavender lemonade mojito, a great cocktail to match wedding décor rich with romantic purple tones. What makes this drink so unique is the pleasant pairing of herbal and citrus flavors. The ingredient list includes freshly squeezed lemon juice, mint, water, light rum, and lavender simple syrup. Get the complete Lavender Lemonade Mojito recipe here.



You never thought you’d see the day when all the ideas for your dream wedding would finally come together. Choosing your signature cocktail shouldn’t be hard now. For inspiration, just let your wedding colors and the effervescent mood of summer be your guide.


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May 19, 2017

Creative Ideas for Wedding Floral Décor


 We love taking wedding floral design to new and beautiful heights. While traditional wedding bouquets and centerpieces receive the most attention, there are numerous creative ways to display flowers. Highlighting blooms that are unique and totally unexpected is not only stunning, but it also brings personality and style to the ceremony and reception. For the bride who wants to make a statement, here are five creative ideas for wedding floral décor.

Suspended Blooms

To create a total atmospheric setting, hang flowers from the ceiling. The impression is similar to an art installation and will completely transform the look and feel of your venue space. A neat, rectangular arrangement of upside blooms looks chic and modern. An artful hanging display gives the appearance of a magnificent floral chandelier, while staggering blooms overhead casts an air of romantic enchantment.



Flower Walls

Imagine exchanging vows in front of a gorgeous wall of blossoms? A flower wall is a wonderful way to create an eye-catching focal point and can be placed anywhere you want to draw attention such as the sweetheart table or cake and dessert buffet. And once the festivities really get started, the wall can be used as a backdrop for memorable wedding photos and candid selfies. 



Floral Trimmed Staircase

Make the most of a venue with a grand staircase by decorating it with exquisite floral trimming. Depending on your style, decor can be a full expression of flowers such as romantic roses or more natural with greenery accents. A blooming stairway is not only a lovely gesture of welcome for guests; it also acts as a charming backdrop for wedding photos.




In a Jewish wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are married under a chuppah, a canopy that symbolizes the couple’s future home where they will live together as husband and wife. There are no formal requirements for the structure, which allows the bride to be creative when it comes to design and ornamentation. Used in both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, the chuppah is a ceremonial focal point which is often adorned with gorgeous floral arrangements, greenery, and sumptuous fabric. 



Wedding Arch

Today, more and more brides are using an arch or canopy as a decorative feature in weddings, no matter their faith. Just like in the Jewish wedding, an arch creates a ceremonial space for the bride and groom who are about to start their married life together. When it comes to decoration, arches range from simple structures made of light fabric and a few leaves and flowers to elaborate canopies adorned with colorful blossoms, foliage, and branches.



Floral Seating Accents

A great way to make sure there is a continuous flow throughout your wedding decor is to include floral accents on chairs. Affixing flower arrangements on the seating closest to the aisle creates a striking walkway during the ceremony. Make guests feel extra special by ornamenting dinner and reception chairs with blooms and satin ribbon. As the most important seats in the house, the bride and groom’s chairs can be personalized and embellished with lush flowers and foliage.



The bouquet and centerpiece will always be the mainstay for wedding floral décor. But for a truly meaningful and unique declaration of love and sentiment, think beyond what you typically see at weddings. We hope these creative ideas for floral design and decor give you the inspiration needed to plan and fashion the wedding of your dreams.


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May 16, 2017

Perfect Perfume Scents for Summer Brides


Here at Bride and Blossom, we love all weddings, but to us, summer weddings are especially magical! The summer foliage is lush and in bloom, creating a gorgeous backdrop for a stunning New York bride. As this season is utterly romantic, summer weddings are full of their own perfume indeed, yet also has inspired the perfumista in us all!


Bride Spraying Perfume - Paula OHara Photography - One Fab Day - via Something

Bride Spraying Perfume – Paula OHara Photography – One Fab Day – via Something


The olfactive sense, which is our ability to recognize scents, is the first sense we develop and acts as a gateway to memories. We often remember the surrounding scents in the air when recalling far-off memories from long ago. The scent of freshly cut grass, warm cookies from the oven, or cobblestones glistening and wet from a spring rain.

Perfume impregnates our memories much the same way. You’ve probably heard of the concept of having a “signature scent,” perfume that heralds your presence, is associated with you, and becomes part of your identity. This is a lovely idea for everyday, but in the same vein that you wouldn’t wear your favorite work outfit to get married, why would you wear the same perfume that you wear every day for your wedding?

Choosing a special scent for your wedding elevates your overall experience and gives you and your soon–to-be spouse a full sensory feast that you can recall with a quick spritz anytime you wish. Immediately, frilly florals come to mind for a blushing bride, but depending on your setting and venue, you may opt for something a bit more like the scented equivalent of a little black dress like this perfume from bridal designer, Reem Acra.


Reem Acra Eau de Perfum - Eponymous Perfume - via Bridal

Reem Acra Eau de Perfum – Eponymous Perfume – via Bridal


With so many fragrances to choose from and different bridal styles to match them with, we met with a few NY based experts for their suggestions. Luxury fragrance brands Diptyque and Acqua di Parma give us their advice on the best pairings for some of our favorite New York wedding venues.

We spoke to Brian Kurtz, Director of Sales for North America for Acqua di Parma. The venerable Italian niche perfume brand has been a luxury beacon for fragrance lovers across the globe since 1916. We spoke to Mr. Kurtz for his pairing with the iconic venue, The New York Public Library.


Rosa Nobile - Eau de Parfum - Acqua Di Parma - via Acqua Di

Rosa Nobile – Eau de Parfum – Acqua Di Parma – via Acqua Di


Mr. Kurtz: “For the New York Public Library we chose to pair naturally elegant Rosa Nobile from Acqua di Parma. It is a perfect match for the classic beauty of this majestic venue.”

Rosa Nobile pays tribute to the Queen of flowers from noble gardens surrounding Italian palaces.  Faithful to its roots, Acqua di Parma chose a strictly Italian version of the Rosa Centifolia that comes from a limited, organic cultivation: a small rose garden in the historic Northern Italian city of Alba. “ 

B&B: Why is Rose Nobile a perfect scent to wear on your wedding day?

Mr. Kurtz: “Rosa Nobile is an exceedingly romantic and intimately aristocratic fragrance.”

We love the idea of feeling like a Queen on your wedding a day and being surrounded by a cloud of soft roses! And if roses aren’t your favorite bloom, the brand has an entire garden of flowers for you to choose from as well! Here is their Nobile Garden collection, which includes Magnolia, Jasmine, and Peony scents.



The Parisian luxury brand, Diptyque,  is the ultimate in sophisticated and unique French niche perfumes. We spoke with the intimate boutique, located at 242 Mott Street in New York’s Nolita neighborhood, to see which of the French brand’s perfumes would be best paired with the romantic New York Botanical Gardens. Mr. Tangi Bourbon-Gallou, Store Manager, gave us more insight on the best scents.


Olene - Floral Inspired Perfume - Diptyque Paris - via Diptyque

Olene – Floral Inspired Perfume – Diptyque Paris – via Diptyque


Mr. Bourbon-Gallou: “Ofrésia is a delicate light floral perfume and is reminiscent of morning freshness of a Botanical Garden. It is pristine white Freesia steeped in vibrant black pepper.”

B&B: Many brides have a gown for the ceremony and then something more fun and daring for the reception. Would you suggest a change in fragrances, as well?

Mr. Bourbon-Gallou: “If Ofrésia is the fragrance of your wedding day, Olene would be the one for your wedding night. Olene is a sumptuous bouquet of white flowers such as narcissus, jasmine and honeysuckle.

Olene is for the soft summer night under a pergola where you will spend an hour or two remembering the most beautiful and unique day of your life.”

B&B: Why is Diptyque a perfect brand to wear on your wedding day?

Mr. Bourbon-Gallou: “Diptyque Fragrances are meaningful, are infused with emotions and have a story. Ofrésia, for example, is a stroll in the Normandy garden of two of the Diptyque founders.”

How chic to be scented like a Parisian bouquet while saying your vows amongst the flowering landscape of the Botanical Gardens!

Whichever the venue for your wedding day, be sure to take time to consider your perfume. Scent sears itself into your memory and a special perfume chosen for your wedding, much like the gown you will wear, will be an unforgettable souvenir for you to savor. Unlike your gown, though, you’ll be able to wear it again and again to bring back memories of that moment for years to come!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR BRIDE & BLOSSOM FRIENDS: **Readers receive a complimentary 35g candle with any Diptyque purchase.

**Offer is valid at the Nolita location only / **Customers must give Bride & Blossom article as reference / **Offer valid until May 31st, 2017.


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May 9, 2017

5 Wedding Color Combinations for Fall 2017


When it comes to planning for your wedding, you can never start too early. And choosing your wedding colors is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. Once you have a scheme picked out, elements such as floral design, bridesmaids’ dresses, and cake decoration just fall into place. While we believe a bride doesn’t have to follow any set of rules when choosing the style and aesthetic for one of the most important days of her life, the season usually has some influence on wedding colors. And fall is a season that comes to life with lush jewel tones and warm earthy hues. For the bride planning her nuptials for Fall 2017, here are 5 inspiring color combinations perfect for an autumnal wedding.


5 Autumn Sunset - Bright - Fall - Wedding - Color Palette - via Chic Vintage

5 Autumn Sunset – Bright – Fall Wedding – Color Palette – via Chic Vintage


Lilac, Berry, and Blush: A soft blend of purple and pink adds a hint of feminine enchantment to an autumnal wedding. Floral arrangements of roses, ranunculus, and lush greenery radiate organic splendor. Enhance nature-inspired décor with glittery details. A berry hued cake becomes a decadent dessert with gold ribbon and leaf decoration. While embroidered beading on a whisper-of-pink bridesmaid dress and sparkling accessories evokes garden glamour.



Canary, Tangerine, Magenta, and Wine: A medley of vivid hues like canary, tangerine, magenta, and wine create a wedding color scheme that is vivid and joyful. With plenty of flowers available in this palette, Gerber daisies make for a cheerful impression. For fashion, bridesmaid dresses of burgundy or a close shade of deep purple are universally flattering. Opt for a suit in navy blue, which works as a nice contrast to the bolder tones. And we love the idea of having desserts that are as spirited and playful as the colors.



Ivory, frost, and silver: Wedding white is always in style no matter what the season. A palette of ivory, frost, and silver defines romantic elegance. Set the tablescape in white blooms, vintage silver servingware, crystal blue wine glasses, and taper candles to create an ambiance of timeless beauty. From the bridesmaid dresses to the wedding cake, use silver as a unifying decorative detail throughout your fashion and décor.



Peach, Pink, and Orange: Are you having difficulty choosing between bright colors or warmer hues because your wedding falls during a transitional month like September? Why not embrace the turn-of-season colors with a unique mix of peach, pink, and orange? To soften the punchy hues, embellish wedding essentials like invitations, bouquets, and the cake with gold accents. When it comes to attire and jewelry, delicate gold pieces look lovely with bridesmaid dresses in light coral.



Gold and Cranberry: For a warm, luxurious color scheme, gold and cranberry are a perfect match. Ideal floral arrangements include Mokara orchids, marigolds, roses, and chrysanthemums with accents of antique green hydrangea. Make your official announcement with a classic invitation marked with gilded script. For the reception, ornaments such as dark tone vases, candles, and luxe linens are not only striking, but also radiate a lavish atmosphere.



Fall is a wonderful time to plan a wedding for many reasons. It symbolizes a time of change, balance, and letting go. Fall is not only rich in color but also feeling and versatility. And for the autumn bride, the season offers a myriad of inspirations when it comes to choosing her wedding color scheme.


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May 8, 2017

Flower Feature: Peony


The peony is a gorgeous flower admired for its impressive bloom, lush petals, and unique texture. Mainly found in white, peonies also grow in an array of hues from light pink and purple to a deeper red.


Single Pink Peony - Perfect Peonies - by Kathy Woodard - via The Garden

Single Pink Peony – Perfect Peonies – by Kathy Woodard – via The Garden


Nearly unrecognizable in the early bloom stage, the peony starts out as a tightly condensed flower bud. Once the bud is cut and placed in warm water, the petals begin to open up. It continues to expand until becoming this elaborate, beautiful flower full of color, texture, and dimension. Though it looks delicate, the peony in full bloom is prized for its sturdy foliage and low maintenance care.



A particularly old genus and highly valued throughout the world, peonies hold significant symbolic and mythological meaning. In wedding practice, the peony represents a happy marriage, wealth, romance, and honor, making it a perfect flower for decor, gifts and offerings.


Fully Opened Pink Peony - Perfect Peonies - by Kathy Woodard - via The Garden

Fully Opened Pink Peony – Perfect Peonies – by Kathy Woodard – via The Garden


Peonies are one of the oldest species of flowers, dating back to 1,000 B.C with origins in Asia, specifically China. A traditional floral symbol of China, the bloom is referred to as “the king of flowers.” Representing riches and honor, it is symbolically used in Chinese art. In addition to its beauty, the peony was valued for its medicinal properties. Roots and seeds were said to cure over twenty different illnesses, including teething pain, snake bite wounds, and epilepsy. Once the flower became known in the Americas, it was imported for spring and summer weddings of the wealthy.



There are two common myths relating the peony to Greek mythology. The first myth states that the peony was named after Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods. Paeon was a student of medicine under Aesculapius, and used the peony root to heal Pluto. Once Aesculapius found out, he became enraged with jealousy and tried to kill Paeon. To save Paeon’s life, Pluto transformed him into a Peony flower. Pluto’s act bestowed the flower with compassionate meaning, elevating it to be respected and praised by all. The second myth ties the peony to a nymph named Paeonia. She was beautiful and attracted the attention of Apollo. Upon learning that Aphrodite was watching, Paeonia became bashful and turned bright red. This angered Apollo. So the God turned Paeonia into a red peony, and the flower became a symbol of bashfulness in the flower kingdom.

Peonies are a beautiful bloom. Working with them in wedding arrangements requires thought and care as you want them to open up the perfect amount on the day of the wedding. To avoid browning, try to use the flowers when they are in season (April through June) and avoid taking them out of water too early. Available in a variety of colors, they look lovely on their own or as a perfect complement to other blooms. As a flower feature for your wedding day, this one-of-a-kind flower looks extraordinary in bridal bouquets and centerpiece arrangements.




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May 5, 2017

7 Favorite Trends from Bridal Fashion Week New York Spring 2018


Designers revealed their latest creations during Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2018 in New York recently. The looks were diverse, ranging from billowing ball gowns to sleek and simple silhouettes. If you are a bride-to-be, the dress of your dreams surely lies in one of these collections from Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Monique Lhuillier among others. Bride & Blossom was so inspired by the wedding attire showcased on the runway and in showrooms that we rounded up our favorite trends for the upcoming seasons.


New York Bridal Fashion Week 2018 - Romona Keveza Collection - via Romona

New York Bridal Fashion Week 2018 – Romona Keveza Collection – via Romona


Bejeweled Details: Designers showed off glistening gowns with embellishments that varied from strand-of-pearls accents to all over beading. Monique Lhuillier’s vintage take on the trend paired an elegant fit and flare silhouette with a lavish shoulder necklace. While Jenny Packham and Naeem Khan offer two versions of the beaded sheath – shimmering elegance and glittery white Goth. These wedding looks are so sparkly on their own, you can think about skipping jewelry.



Volume: This trend showed billowing ball gowns fit for a fairytale princess. Christian Siriano went for regal glam with an ornamented bodice and layer-upon-layer of tulle. Viktor & Rolf stunned with a multi-layered tulle skirt that looks like a work of art. Oscar de la Renta’s whimsical design paired a sugary spun bottom and top with delicate floral trimming. You may have a hard time getting around in any of these dresses, but at least you’ll look divine doing it.



Streamline Satin: Amid all the glitter and tulle were simple satin gowns. With the minimalist bride in mind, collections presented looks that proved understated elegance will never go out of style. Lela Rose paired bridal gloves with a silhouette echoing an old Hollywood screen siren. Carolina Herrera’s modern sheath was marked by black straps and drape sleeves. Austin Scarlett presented a relaxed column gown with a hint of side detailing.



Statement Veils: The bridal veil continues to have a moment. Designers’ treatment of the wedding accessory offered styles for the traditional and fashion-forward. Zuhair Murad’s chapel length design exudes grace and style. Viktor & Rolf re-imagined the elbow veil with striking architectural detail, matching it with a classic ball gown. Galia Lahav’s sparkling cathedral design is what wedding dreams are made of.



Flutter Sleeves: Delicate, wind-swept sleeves were seen on gowns of every style. Rita Vinieris encapsulated sheer romance with flowing tulle and lace sleeves on a trumpet silhouette. Radiating pure enchantment, Temperley London’s design is perfect for a woodland wedding. Galia Lahav’s design elevated bohemian with stunning floral embellishments.



Black Accents: For the most part, designers kept this fresh, yet classic look to just a dash of black here and there. Marchesa contrasted a beautifully embroidered gown with a simple black belt. A note of black gives Elizabeth Filmore’s signature lace slipdress an edgy vibe. While Kelly Faetanini skipped subtlety for high drama, combining a luxurious black feather skirt with corset top.



Blue and Pink: And the bride wore something blue. A modern twist on wedding white, designers revealed dresses in soft of blue and pink hues. The opalescence of pearls inspired Theia’s dreamy blush ensemble. Expressing majestic elegance, Reem Acra fashioned a gilded overlay on a hush-of-blue ball gown. Mira Zwillinger’s charming version of the trend combined exquisite floral appliqué with whispering blue.



Every bride is unique and finding the perfect gown is an important part of her wedding story. We hope this trend guide to Bridal Fashion Week New York Spring 2018 helps you discover a wedding look that best expresses your style and personality.


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