September 19, 2017

Lauren & Jordan: Romantic Splendor at Blue Hill at Stone Barns


Lauren and Jordan were married on a lovely day in June at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Lauren and Jordan Wedding - Peony Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere - Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY - Photography by Craig Paulson

Lauren and Jordan Wedding – Peony Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere – Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY – Photography by Craig Paulson


It’s not too often these days that we meet a bride who is marrying her high school sweetheart. Lauren and Jordan’s story goes back even further to when they met during childhood. Lauren recalls, “We ran in the same circles growing up but never really took an interest in each other until we were about 17. We never parted ways after that and the rest is history!”


Lauren and Jordan Wedding - Bride and Groom Holding Hands - Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY - Photography by Craig Paulson

Lauren and Jordan Wedding – Bride and Groom Holding Hands – Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY – Photography by Craig Paulson


After five years of dating, Lauren had a feeling that Jordan was going to propose. But as weekend after weekend past with nothing, Lauren put the thought on the back burner. So after a busy ‘girls’ day’ in the city with her sister, she expected nothing more than to enjoy a quiet summer’s evening at home. Lauren opened the gates to the backyard and was met with a great surprise. Candles and scattered rose petals set the scene with Jordan waiting for her at the end of the walkway. Turns out he had been spending all those weekends planning the ultimate proposal. “It was so perfect and special,” Lauren remembers. “And after Jordan proposed, our families popped out from behind the bushes. They had been hiding there the whole time and I had no idea! We all celebrated the night away. It was amazing!”



The first venue Lauren and Jordan looked at was Blue Hill at Stone Barns. They were immediately taken by the picturesque grounds and reception space housed in a restored barn. “It was love at first site,” Lauren recalls. “But the icing on the cake was the staff. They were amazing and unbelievably accommodating from the very beginning.” The promise of an incredible wedding feast appealed to the food and wine-loving duo. Executive chef Dan Barber’s kitchen philosophy has made Blue Hill at Stone Barns a benchmark for farm-to-table restaurants, garnering praise from foodies and culinary professionals alike. From the hors d’oeuvres to the cake, the venue catered the menu to perfection. The couple agreed, “It was definitely the best wedding food we ever had.”

Lauren and Jordan Wedding - Bride with Peony Bridal Bouquet - Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY - Photography by Craig Paulson

Lauren and Jordan Wedding – Bride with Peony Bridal Bouquet – Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY – Photography by Craig Paulson


Finding a wedding dress was just as effortless as deciding on a venue. At her first appointment, Lauren was presented with an Ersa Atelier gown. “It was the second dress I tried on that day. I had never laid my eyes on a more stunning gown. But I left the appointment empty handed thinking ‘I can’t say yes to the dress on my very first go.’ Three appointments later and nothing compared to the Ersa Atelier gown. And that was when I knew it was the one for me.” Perfect for a young summer bride, the design showcased a sweetheart neckline, fitted silhouette, and exquisite beaded detail. Lauren personalized her look by switching it up as the day went on. “I added a tulle skirt for the ceremony, which let me have my ‘princess moment.’ I slipped it off for the reception and comfortably danced the night away!”



When it came time to choose floral décor, Lauren knew she wanted a soft palette with pops of color for the reception. This translated to ceremonial blooms of pale lavender, peach, blush, and white hues. Accents of vibrant pink and coral were incorporated into the reception flowers. An initial stance against greenery changed after hours on Pinterest when Lauren realized it was needed to get the lush, dreamy look she envisioned. “I was so happy we added greenery. It added dimension and texture, making the floral arrangements absolutely beautiful.”


Lauren and Jordan Wedding - Bride and Groom First Kiss - Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY - Photography by Craig Paulson

Lauren and Jordan Wedding – Bride and Groom First Kiss – Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY – Photography by Craig Paulson


The ceremony took place in Blue Hill’s enchanted courtyard. Lauren carried a lovely hand-tied bouquet of blush and white peonies. Jordan wore a stylish blue tuxedo by My Suit, which matched wonderfully with his bride’s captivating attire. The couple said “I do” before an alter adorned with breathtaking arrangements on each side, featuring pale hued roses, peonies, hydrangea, and larkspur complemented by olive greens, eucalyptus, and hanging amaranthus.



After the ceremony, guests headed to the barn reception where they were welcomed by an atmosphere that radiated romantic splendor. Colorful, textured blooms looked absolutely striking against the exposed stone and wood interior. Emanating an inviting mood, the tablescape featured flourishing low centerpieces in a mix of gold and silver vases illuminated by votive candles.


Lauren and Jordan Wedding - Bridal Party Peony Bridal Bouquet Peony Ranunculus Garden Menta Rose Bridesmaid Bouquets- Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY - Photography by Craig Paulson

Lauren and Jordan Wedding – Bridal Party Peony Bridal Bouquet Peony Ranunculus Garden Menta Rose Bridesmaid Bouquets- Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY – Photography by Craig Paulson


It’s a complete delight for us to see a bride’s wedding vision come to life. “We really enjoyed the process of getting to know Lauren and her mother who was also involved in florals and décor. Lauren has a great attention to detail and a sharp eye for design. There were a lot of elements that were important to her. We worked together, fine-tuning those elements until we achieved the perfect balance. When our brides are passionate about flowers, it brings out the best of us,” said Ellianna Phelps, our Event Director at Bride & Blossom



In a day overflowing with love and excitement, there were a few moments that Lauren remembers with extra fondness. “Our first look was so special with all of our family watching.” She continues, “I will always remember dancing in the kitchen with the Blue Hill staff. It was so much fun and spur of the moment!” For this couple, the saying “family means everything” rings especially true. After a year of wedding planning, Lauren was thrilled to share the big day with those she loves most. “Seeing our guests just enjoy themselves to the fullest was a feeling I will never forget. The dance floor was never empty, everyone was so happy!”


Lauren and Jordan Wedding - Peony Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere - Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY - Photography by Craig Paulson

Lauren and Jordan Wedding – Peony Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere – Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY – Photography by Craig Paulson


Congratulations, Lauren and Jordan!

Venue, Catering, and Cake: Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Photographer: Craig Paulson Studio
Planner: Paula Clemente Woods
Videographer: Cord 3 Films
Bride’s Dress: Ersa Atelier
Groom’s Tux: My Suit
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Miss Hayley Paige
Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Duell
Music: Martin D’Arce
Invitations & Paper: Momental


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September 14, 2017

The Most Romantic Works of Art to See in New York City


Fall in New York City is one of the most romantic times of the year. The season’s warm, golden light casts a mood that is best enjoyed with someone special. Simply put, it’s a wonderful time to be in love!

The idea of love has fascinated artists through the ages. Our greatest creative minds such as Shakespeare, Rembrandt, and Picasso sought inspiration in love, using the emotion to make works of art so beautiful and passionate, they stand the test of time, resonating in the universal heart of mankind.

We can’t think of a better way to keep the amorous vibe flowing than spending a weekend afternoon strolling the corridors of a museum hand-in-hand. And lucky for us, New York City’s museums are home to some of the most romantic artworks ever created!


Springtime - Pierre-Auguste Cot - via

Springtime – Pierre-Auguste Cot – via


Springtime by Pierre-Auguste Cot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Painted in 1873, Pierre-August Cot’s Springtime caused a sensation when it was exhibited at the Paris Salon. Illuminated by ethereal light, a maiden wraps her arms around her shadowed lover perched on a forest swing. Spend only a few minutes in front of this painting and you’ll see why it is one of art history’s most celebrated images of young love.


The Lovers - René Magritte - via

The Lovers – René Magritte – via


The Lovers by René Magritte at The Museum of Modern Art

Surrealist René Magritte’s depiction of a woman and man embracing behind veils is as unsettling as it tender. Art is subjective and this work is mysterious and provokes thought. You two will definitely have something to talk about later over drinks.


Pygmalion and Galatea - Jean-Léon Gérôme - via

Pygmalion and Galatea – Jean-Léon Gérôme – via


Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean-Léon Gérôme at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme painted the moment when the goddess Venus brought to the sculpture of Galatea to life, thus, granting Pygmalion’s wish for a wife as beautiful as the sculpture he had created. Notice that sneaky cupid in the background with raised bow about to fire an arrow at the embracing couple.


LOVE - Robert Indiana - via

LOVE – Robert Indiana – via


LOVE by Robert Indiana at the Corner of 6th Ave and 55th St

One of the most iconic representations of love, Robert Indiana’s pop art sculpture is a must-visit photo stop for NYC tourists and residents alike. Bearing symbolic meaning that intermingles the personal and universal, the sculpture has been reproduced in Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish. And don’t be surprised if you see a bride and groom there taking wedding photos!


Birthday - Marc Chagall - via

Birthday – Marc Chagall – via


Birthday by Marc Chagall at the Museum of Modern Art

So taken by the love he had for his first wife and muse, Bella, Marc Chagall painted Birthday and forever immortalized the couple’s deep bond. In his tender depiction, the artist floats above his wife, head twisted and bent to meet her lips with a kiss. The intimate room is adorned with objects Bella actually gave Chagall as gifts for his birthday.


Mars and Venus United by Love - Paolo Veronese - via

Mars and Venus United by Love – Paolo Veronese – via


Mars and Venus United by Love by Paolo Veronese at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dating to the 1570s, this painting by Italian master Veronese depicts cupid binding Mars to Venus with a love knot. The God of War looks weary from battle at Venus sooths him with her touch. Sumptuous fabrics, a nude goddess with luminescent alabaster skin, and Veronese’s striking articulation of light and color impress a sensual picture of love.


The Oxbow - Thomas Cole - via

The Oxbow – Thomas Cole – via


The Oxbow by Thomas Cole at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We’ve all witnessed Mother Nature’s majestic beauty at least once. No artist expressed this feeling in art better than Thomas Cole. Widely considered a masterpiece of American landscape painting, The Oxbow stirs a passionate emotional response that rivals any literal image of love. The work is like a sublime dream so be sure to set aside solid viewing time.

Love is unique for everyone. And it’s fascinating to see how differently artists have expressed the idea of love in their work. So grab your dearest, make it a date, and go see these romantic works of art together!


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September 12, 2017

Winter Bride Must-Haves to Stay Stylishly Warm


You’ve always dreamed of a winter wedding. Saying “I do” with glistening white snow all around sounds incredibly romantic to you. The only thing you’re not looking to forward to is being cold. Because it’s hard to enjoy all the special moments with goose bumps and chattering teeth.


Ryan & Darren Wedding - Bridal Bouquet - Kittle House - Photography by Meg Miller

Ryan & Darren Wedding – Bridal Bouquet – Kittle House – Photography by Meg Miller


You don’t have to forgo style for staying warm, or freeze for the sake of fashion! In fact, there are many chic style options for the bride getting married in the off-season. From the dress to outerwear, here are gorgeous bridal looks that will have you feeling winter’s magic throughout your wedding day!



Long-Sleeve Wedding Gown

Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr stunned us with their long-sleeve wedding gowns. A high neck is anything but frumpy. Exquisite lace sleeves and unique tailoring at the shoulder are beautiful details that personality. A modest neckline evokes a timeless beauty that is always in style, no matter what season. This simple column gown by designer Jesus Peiro encapsulates modern elegance. Showcasing a decorative overlay and slim silhouette, this Lili Hod design is delicate and romantic with a hint of sexiness. Channel your inner ice princess with this embellished tulle ball gown by Hayley Paige.


Faux Fur Stole - via

Faux Fur Stole – via


Lux Stole

A lux stole will keep you cozy and warm on the way to the reception. Wear the accessory in a few of your photos and you’ll forever capture the memory of your winter wonderland wedding. Radiating sophisticated glamour, this faux fur stole is versatile and can be worn on and off the shoulders.


Bridal Sequined Sweater - via

Bridal Sequined Sweater – via



Take the chill out of winter by covering up a sweetheart bodice gown with a dazzling hand-stitched sequin sweater. Paring wonderfully with a full tulle skirt, the piece will transition your attire from ceremony to reception with ease. Added bonus – you get two bridal looks for a fraction of the cost.




Complete your ensemble with a striking bridal jacket. Black accents are trending in wedding fashion right now and this edgy fringe jacket hits all the right marks. Go for vintage glitz with a shimmering sequined smoking jacket in white gold. A luxurious fur bolero is a must-have for a bride getting married in the coldest of seasons.



It may not look like much, but a bridal capelet offers just enough coverage to make wearing a strapless gown much more bearable on a frosty day. A crystal adorned design is so dazzling you won’t even have to bother with jewelry. A silk chiffon cover up channels a delicate and feminine mood.

Bridal Muff - via

Bridal Muff – via


Bridal Muff

Live out your snow queen fantasy by adding a bridal muff to your wedding outerwear. Extremely popular during the 19th century, the item may seem a little out of place today. But put in the context of a winter wedding and the muff becomes a show-stopping accessory guaranteed to make an impression. The piece can be worn alone or embellished with a bejeweled brooch.


Bridal Party Gift - Pashmina - via

Bridal Party Gift – Pashmina – via


Don’t leave your bridesmaids out in the cold! When it comes time to give out bridal party gifts, surprise your best girlfriends with a soft, chic pashmina that complements their dresses.

Winter is just a few months away. Don’t wait until the last minute to find outerwear that keeps you cozy and looking fabulous on your wedding day!


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September 7, 2017

Best NYC Restaurants For A Bridal Shower Dinner


One of the great things about throwing a bridal shower in New York City is that you’re not confined to cramming all your girlfriends in a tiny apartment. You have options like taking the party to one of the city’s amazing restaurants for dinner and cocktails. This not only takes the stress of decorating and organizing food and drinks off your shoulders, but everyone will have good reason to finally get together for a fun night out on the town to celebrate the bride-to-be as she takes one step closer to walking down the aisle.

Whether you want to wine and dine over a full course meal or share small plates around the table, here are the best restaurants in NYC to host a bridal shower dinner.



Bobo (181 W 10th St)

For the Francophile bride, dinner at Bobo is the next best thing to a destination bridal shower in Paris. Housed in a century old townhouse in the West Village, the restaurant extends over several floors with rooms decorated with eclectic objects, vintage photos, and crystal chandeliers. Chef Cedric Tovar, formerly of Daniel, created a menu that honors traditional French cuisine while mixing in some New American dishes featuring fresh seafood caught off of Long Island. Pair your meal with a bottle from the restaurant’s selection of sustainable wines from family-owned vineyards.


Delaware and Hudson - via

Delaware and Hudson – via


Delaware and Hudson (135 N 5th St)

A native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Chef Patti Jackson prides her kitchen at Delaware and Hudson in its use of locally sourced, farm fresh ingredients. This quaint Williamsburg restaurant is perfect for a small bridal shower party made up of foodies who want to relax over a 4-course meal in an intimate atmosphere. At a very affordable $65, the seasonal prix- fix menu boasts delectable dishes such as green tomato pie, farmers cheese dumplings and long island duck breast with sautéed spinach, potato pancake, and roast plum. Appetizers and dessert are provided for the table.


El Toro Blanco - via

El Toro Blanco – via

El Toro Blanco (257 6th Ave)

With eight types of margaritas, we suggest the spicy and cucumber mint, and a selection of over 150 tequilas and mezcals, you know a bridal shower a El Toro Blanco is going to be one for the books. Located in Union Square, this hip Mexican restaurant cultivates nothing but good vibes fueled by delicious cocktails and an ever-flowing supply of chips and salsa. Menu highlights include the ceviche, tamal de elote verde, and langosta puerta Nuevo. And be sure to leave room for the tres leche cake with caramelized bananas, sweet milk sauce, and dulce leche ice cream.

Fraunces Tavern - via

Fraunces Tavern – via


Fraunces Tavern (54 Pearl St)

If you’re a bunch that likes to meet up at a cozy pub for a pint or two then Fraunces Tavern is the perfect spot to host a bridal shower. Located in the city’s oldest building on historic Pearl St., this Colonial American Tavern has been serving thirsty patrons since 1762. Choose from eight party rooms that vary in size and atmosphere. For formal dining, the Washington Room is decked out with a grand table, crystal chandeliers, and antique fireplace. Marked by comfy, red leather sofas, the Bourbon Room is where everyone can relax while enjoying traditional American cuisine and a perfectly poured draft.


My Cooking Party - via

My Cooking Party – via


Battle of the Brides at My Cooking Party

Does your bride know her way around the kitchen? Then plan an evening that plays into her culinary passions. Dubbed as “The Best Bachelorette Party in NYC,” My Cooking Party’s Battle of the Brides takes inspiration from reality shows like Top Chef. After choosing ingredients and a dish to make, bridal parties compete in a fierce cook off where the winning team is awarded the title of “Best Bride.” Just like on TV, judges challenge you with unexpected ingredients and you can stump your opponents by stealing ingredients. Wine, beer, and sweet and savory hors d’oeuvres are provided throughout the evening.



We hope this guide is helpful to anyone out there feeling a bit overwhelmed with the duty of bridal shower host. And be sure to check out our favorite restaurants to have a bridal shower brunch  and engagement party.


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September 5, 2017

Favorite Celebrity Brides of Summer 2017


As we say a bittersweet goodbye to these last warm, sun-filled days, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on what a fantastic wedding season this past summer has been. Helping our brides’ floral fantasies come true is a feeling like no other. Always on the look out for inspiration, we couldn’t help but notice all the celebrities who also tied the knot, sharing their photos on Instagram, and in magazines like People and Vogue. Ranging in styles from intimately romantic to formal elegance to opulent glamour, here are the celebrity brides who wowed us in summer 2017.


Miranda Kerr Wedding - Photo by Patrick DeMarchelier - via

Miranda Kerr Wedding – Photo by Patrick DeMarchelier – via


Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr channeled the iconic bridal look worn by Grace Kelly at her 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco to dream up a bespoke Christian Dior gown so stunning it left us all speechless. Made of silk the color of whipped butter, the design featured a high neck, long sleeves, and full skirt with floral appliqué. The intimate, backyard ceremony culminated under a breathtaking floral arch of pink blooms where the bride and her groom, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegal, exchanged vows.


Julianne Hough Wedding - via

Julianne Hough Wedding – via


Julianne Hough

One of summer’s most talked about weddings was the one between Dancing With The Stars judge Julianne Hough and NHL star Brooks Laich. The couple loves nature so it made perfect sense that they were married in a picturesque outdoor ceremony in Idaho surrounded by 200 family and friends. The bride wore a strapless custom Marchesa gown that radiated understated elegance. Her bridal look was complimented by a floor-length chiffon veil and beautiful hand-tied bouquet of natural blooms and greenery.


Pippa Middleton Wedding - via

Pippa Middleton Wedding – via


Pippa Middleton

You have a tough act to follow when your sister marries an actual prince. But Pippa Middleton handled it with absolute style and grace when she wed James Matthews at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire. The bride wore a Giles Duncan gown made of delicate lace featuring an a-line silhouette, high neck, and cap sleeves. She completed her look with a headpiece showing a hint of sparkle, simple veil, and a petite bouquet of white blooms. Evoking the atmosphere of an enchanted English garden, ceremonial flowers from London-based florist Lavender Green displayed a myriad of white and soft pink blossoms with lush greenery.


Bianca Balti Wedding - via

Bianca Balti Wedding – via


Bianca Balti

Italian supermodel Bianca Balti and Matthew McRae said “I do” in a romantic California ranch wedding. As the face and muse of Dolce & Gabbana, the bride wore a beautiful custom gown by Stephano Gabbana made of intricate white lace, featuring an empire waist fit and cap-sleeves. Looking every bit an Italian princess, Bianca carried a voluminous garden bouquet down an aisle scattered in white flower petals.


Erin Andrews Wedding - via

Erin Andrews Wedding – via


Erin Andrews

Against a breathtaking mountain backdrop at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana, Dancing With The Stars host Erin Andrews wed former NHL star Jared Stoll. A location this beautiful needs little decoration and the couple let Mother Nature’s beauty paint their fairytale ceremony. The bride walked the aisle in a gorgeous fitted, off the shoulder dress by Carolina Herrera complemented by a dramatic chiffon veil and pink and burgundy hued bouquet.


Ally Hilfiger

Most fathers just write a check when their daughter gets married. But for her Mustique wedding to Steve Hash, Ally Hilfiger asked a little more of her fashion designer father, Tommy. Together, they designed a bohemian-inspired ensemble featuring a silk gown and cape embroidered with blue and white floral detail that would have made Stevie Nicks gasp. Walking down a seaside aisle of golden sand, the bride carried a verdant bouquet of white blooms and greenery.


Hannah Bronfman Wedding - via

Hannah Bronfman Wedding – via


Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman wears many hats – Instagram It-Girl, HBFit founder, and DJ to name just a few. Her destination wedding to fellow DJ Brendan Fallis brought friends and family to Morcocco where they celebrated the couple over a lavish 4-day affair. Vows were exchanged in an outdoor ceremony at the historic hotel, La Mamounia where the bride stunned in a custom strapless silk crepe trumpet gown by Vera Wang, accented with a lace train embroidered with exquisite crystal and peal detail. A dramatic veil and lush bouquet completed her show-stopping attire.


Emmy Rossum Wedding - via

Emmy Rossum Wedding – via


Emmy Rossum

“As soon as I got engaged, I immediately knew that I wanted Mrs. Herrera to make my wedding dress,” recalls actress Emmy Rossum. For her wedding to Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, she sought out the designer to create her striking off the shoulder ivory gown with embroidered detail at the waist and cap sleeves. The bride perfected her elegant look with a sweeping veil, diamond earrings, and petite white floral bouquet. The ceremony took place at New York’s Central Synagogue where the couple said “I do” under a white floral chuppah, followed by a star-studded reception at The Guggenheim Museum.



Jim Parsons

Technically, these nuptials took place in late spring, but we are going to include The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parson and art director Todd Spiewak’s wedding at New York’s Rainbow Room on our list. Looking most dapper in matching black suits accessorized with bowties and pink boutonnieres, the handsome couple exchanged vows under a beautiful chuppah of pink, peach, and white blooms.

What a romantic season of I dos it has been! We can’t wait to see the wedded bliss that autumn brings.


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September 3, 2017

Health Coach Colette Lettieri On How To Look And Feel Your Wedding Day Best


Colette Lettieri’s road to becoming a health coach to some of New York City’s leading professional women wasn’t a straight one. Any detours encountered have in turn, become building blocks in Colette’s successful career. Drawing from her background in education and social work, and experiences as a wife and mother, she formulates dynamic health and fitness programs that cater to the specific needs, goals, and lifestyle of each client.

Planning for a wedding is as stressful as it is exciting. From securing a venue and vendors to finding a dress to staying on budget, the to-do list can be overwhelming. Colette has helped many brides-to-be face the stress of wedding planning head on. And her approach isn’t just about helping a bride fit into her dress.


Health Coach Colette Lettieri

Health Coach Colette Lettieri


We had the pleasure to talk Colette and ask her questions about her philosophy to health and wellness, advice she gives brides to help them look and feel their best, and what’s the secret to getting that wedding day glow.


Can you tell us a little about your background?

Growing up, I was athletic and always on a sports team. I continued to be very interested in fitness and health in college and loved reading magazines and books, and researching the Internet for information on the topic. I went to Bank Street College of Education for graduate school to study special education. The campus is located near some of the best organic markets and yoga and Pilates studios. I got my fix by hitting up a class and grabbing post-workout smoothies. My studies led me to work in some very unique environments. I kept coming back to the question, “Why are these behaviors happening?” With some cases, there were much greater issues present. But I found that for many children, it had to do with their diet and lack of energy release. After a decade of teaching, I ended up on the west coast where I worked under one the best behaviorists. The experience inspired me to go back to school for social work at Stony Brook University. Put in a hospital setting with a lot of exposure to diet and nutrition, the subject was still very much on my mind. And after 5 years in private practice with a colleague, I had my first daughter and struggled with post-partum. Rather than blindly following traditional treatment, I took a more holistic approach. I had a good knowledge base, but knew that I needed to surround myself with real professionals and sought out an osteopath, acupuncturist, and nutritionist. The team approach really worked for me.

How did you arrive at being a health coach dedicated to helping women achieve their optimal well-being?

After the birth of our second daughter, I took an online program at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). Classes couldn’t be posted fast enough and I immediately knew that this was my true calling. My ultimate goal is to create a healthier lifestyle for the individual. I start by looking at the first plate and the second plate. For the first plate, we examine their relationships, exercise routine, career, and spirituality. The next question is “What is exactly going on to their second plate in terms of diet?” So I have been able utilize my background in teaching and social work to become a pretty dynamic health coach.


Health Coach Colette Lettieri

Health Coach Colette Lettieri


You really seem to understand that every woman is unique. Your work focuses on helping each client reach their individual goals. What advice would you give a bride who is just starting to think about health and beauty? How far in advance of her wedding should she start a regimen?

I would say that once the ring is placed on her finger, it’s go time. What I hate to see happen is that all of a sudden it’s the month before the wedding and the bride hasn’t reached her goal. Once you start assembling the wedding organization binder, make a section for ‘health coach’ or ‘healthier lifestyle.’ It immediately takes the pressure off. Because as soon as wedding stress strikes, it may affect your commitment to your fitness routines and diet. But I will be your cheerleader supporting you every step of the way.

Planning a wedding is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. Do you have any advice for sticking to a healthy eating and workout plan?

Having been there done that, I pull from my own experiences. While planning our wedding I was in graduate school, studying for my boards, and had just started a new business venture. So in an attempt to not implode, I created three binders – a study binder, a wedding binder, and a “me” binder. Looking back, I can see a health coach-in-training in the contents of that “me” binder. You have to plan for real life as well. Yes, this is supposed to be an amazing time, but life still goes on. However, my programs are set up in a way so that we connect on daily basis – you are going to hear from me 5 to 6 days a week via text, email, or phone. Once you fully committed to the program and start nurturing yourself, it’s amazing how relaxed you become. As you start to look and feel good, you become stronger and are able to deflect negativity. When faced with stressful situations, you have the energy to either just do it, or say “no, not now.”

We are constantly being bombarded with new diet and fitness trends. Are there any trends you see as beneficial? Which trends should be completely avoided?

I don’t shun any particular diet. Current diet trends that I am seeing are ketogenic, the Whole30, low sugar, and low to no carbs. I, however, firmly use the hashtag #betruetoyou. It’s important to understand that what works for one person may be another’s poison. I advocate whole, organic, farm-fresh foods. You have never heard someone say, “She died from too much kale.” No GMOs and nothing out of a can. Keep it simple and make your plate as colorful as possible. It may take a little more time and effort. My advice comes from personal experience. I’m not a cook by nature, but I had to feed my family. I learned how to make a menu using nutritious ingredients and stretched it out through the week. And ideally one night, we go out to a restaurant or order in. Life is to be enjoyed and once you learn how to work a menu, you can indulge and still maintain a healthy balance. And of course hydration is a major factor. People don’t realize how a simple glass of water can drastically influence our food choices and cravings.


Health Coach Colette Lettieri

Health Coach Colette Lettieri


Which foods will help a bride look and feel her best? Which foods should be avoided completely?

Dark greens are going to be your grand slam. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Fresh fruit such as berries and apples are full of vitamins. Lean meats and fish – salmon especially has many health benefits. Smoothies are a great way to get in a lot of nutrition. Many of my clients are professionals who are on the go. For a long time, they were afraid of smoothies because of the high calories and sugar. Now they are making smoothies at home or special ordering from a place that uses healthy, nutrient-dense recipes. Depending on dietary restrictions, almond milk or skim milk can be added to make the drink more satiating. Pull back on any added sugars completely the month of your wedding. They are just unnecessary and cause bloating, breakouts, inflammation, and mood swings.

What types of exercise do you recommend for the busy bride?

Exercise is also very individual and really depends on the bride, what her goals are, and what fits in with her schedule. I will set up routines for clients who only have 15 to 20 minutes a day to engage in workout routines. Whether it’s setting the alarm a little earlier or hitting the yoga mat instead of Netflix in the evening, we are going to get in some physical activity. In whatever time you have, you want to get your heart rate up. I also suggest checking out the great rowing and spin studios in the city. Both are very motivating and offer a full body workout in a condensed amount of time. SoulCycle offers classes almost every hour from morning to night. For my clients who have intense, high stress jobs and just want to zen out at the end of the day, I suggest yoga or a yoga-barre combo. There are amazing apps available that allow women to conveniently get a workout from their phone. For a woman who wants to run a half marathon after their wedding – their program is going to be much different.

Should a bride make any tweaks to diet and fitness the week before her wedding? How about on the big day?

The week of the wedding usually becomes the most stressful. Checks are due, guests are cancelling or asking if they can bring a date, and there’s the general anxiety about whether everything will go as planned. This is all going to be easier to handle if you have been following a fitness and healthy eating plan. I always recommend that brides get their fiancée and bridal party on board. You’ve been trading recipes and workout tips for months. So the week of the wedding, you already have a support system in play. Be sure to get enough sleep, relax, and treat yourself to a massage or an acupuncture session. Saline treatments are fantastic for natural detoxification. Sleep with a dehumidifier – stress can cause sinus issues and headaches. Water is always very important. Please continue to exercise and eat clean through that final week. Most importantly, don’t not eat.

Do you have any secret pro tips you’d like to share that will help our brides get that wedding day glow when they walk down the aisle?

I am not a skin professional, but I have worked with and been treated by some of the best. I can’t stress enough the importance of water. Sweating from exercise lets your body natural detox. The skin benefits that come with weekly sauna treatments are incredible. Oxygen facials and infrared light treatments are good for boosting collagen. My approach is really natural with a focus on internal to external. And let’s not forget about the magic of a great makeup artist! They are going to touch up not just your face, but your whole body as well. A friend of mine recently got married and for her wedding gift, I had a care package of nutritious food and water sent to her hotel room the morning of her wedding. She immediately called me laughing and said, “How did you know?” I ordered the package from, one of my favorite online shopping sites. They offer a diverse selection of organic, paleo, gluten-free, and non-GMO foods. But I am strongly in favor of the bride enjoying a pre-ceremony mimosa.


Health Coach Colette Lettieri

Health Coach Colette Lettieri


To learn more about Colette’s health coaching services, visit her website

Colette was kind enough to share her favorite fitness and diet apps and cookbooks for our readers.

Exercise Apps Offering 5 to 90 minute Guided Workouts

NTC Nike Training Club


SworkIt Lower Body

Tabata Timer




Food Apps

Food Fix Up


FOK Recipes



Bacon and Butter

Against All Grain

The Paleo CookBook

The Heal Your Gut CookBook

The WholeLife Nutrition CookBook




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