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5 Expert Tips On Planning The Perfect Proposal

Christina & Derek Wedding - Wedding Ring Detail - The Foundry LIC - Kevin Markland Photography

Christina & Derek Wedding – Wedding Ring Detail – The Foundry LIC – Kevin Markland Photography


We always look forward to hearing about our brides’ amazing proposal stories. Each story is different from the next and one thing is for sure, there is no right or wrong way to pop the question. Still, the person who is doing the asking could be feeling the pressure. While getting engaged is an exciting milestone for any couple, it can also come with some challenges during the planning process. Proposing to the love of your life should be a joyous time, not one that causes stress, so we have compiled a few tips to get you started!


Establishing the budget for your proposal is a great place to start, and can help to keep financial stress down when preparing for your special day. It should account for any venue costs, travel, and of course the price of the ring. When you have an idea of how much you want to spend, it makes shopping around for these key elements a little easier. Having a price range in mind when working with vendors or jewelers can help them to narrow down your choices and ideas as well, making the decision-making process less likely to get to become overwhelming. This especially comes in handy when ring shopping, or flower shopping if you choose to include them in your proposal. There are so many ring styles – it’s the most important piece of jewelry your soon-to-be fiance will adorn, so finding the right one comes with a lot of pressure. But, with a price range in mind, you can minimize your choices, and hit the stores with confidence.


Blue Nile Engagement Ring - via

Blue Nile Engagement Ring – via


The Ring

With your budget in order, it’s time to get shopping! Being the focal point of the proposal, the engagement ring has to be just right. Knowing your partner’s taste can help to determine which style would work best, and also determine the size of the ring. When it comes to diamonds and stones, the four C’s come into play: cut, color, clarity, and carat. These play a huge role in both the style and price. The larger the carat and cut the more expensive, but also more statement making. Color has also become more popular with gemstones making a comeback. These are often vintage inspired and make for a more unique ring with a pop of color.

If you’re lost for inspiration though, do some research online and on social platforms, or check out online jewelry sites that make it easy to visualize and combine different styles to find the engagement ring fit for your soon-to-be fiance’s style. Or, ask family and friends as well, and take them along when you go shopping at local jewelers to get an outsider’s opinion. You can also ask your jeweler. They are knowledgeable about the numerous options, and can help choose the right one with ease!


Andie & Jamie Wedding - Bouquet - The Somerley - Le Image

Andie & Jamie Wedding – Bouquet – The Somerley – Le Image



Flowers add a beautiful touch to any proposal, and a bouquet of flowers presented with the ring you choose makes it a little more special. Finding the right ones can be tricky with the endless choices, so start by figuring out your partner’s favorite flower. If you are unsure of the ones they like, pay attention to what they might bring home to display on your kitchen table, or ask friends and family members. Get their input and then style the perfect bouquet. Or, meet with an expert, and discuss with a florist different combinations of flowers that work best together, and maybe even the meaning behind certain flowers. Some symbolize love and other positive meanings, and make the perfect decoration for your proposal space as well. Design bouquets to add all around where you plan on getting down on one knee. Go bold with bright, vibrant flowers, or elegant with pale pastels depending on your desired theme. This adds a special touch and romantic feel to your proposal space to make the moment even more beautiful.


Alexandra & Edmond Wedding - Ritz Battery Park - Sara Wight Photography

Alexandra & Edmond Wedding – Ritz Battery Park – Sara Wight Photography



Picking the location can rely a lot upon what your partner’s interests are, hobbies, and their personality. If your partner is more reserved, an intimate location may be best. Having it be just the two of you will make the moment low stress, and give you space to celebrate together before revealing the news to everyone. But, if your partner is more on the outgoing side, a public or destination proposal may be the way to go. Invite your closest friends to be present, and make it a show stopper! If you have plans for travel, plan your proposal around your itinerary, and have a destination proposal. This is a unique and trendy way to ask the big question that also gives you time to relax and enjoy your new engagement together. Research your destination ahead of time for the perfect location to pop the question, and then make the plans well in advance and reach out to any vendors necessary. This way everything is ready for the big day before you take off on your vacation.

The Words

Rehearsing what you are going to say for your proposal can help to avoid any stage fright when it comes time to ask the big question. It’s easy to forget everything in the excitement and nervousness of the moment, so having a planned speech can help keep you on track, and make sure you don’t skip anything. Start with an outline, and try to just write down how you feel. How does your significant other make you feel? Why do you love them? What makes them the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Once you have these questions answered, add in a little personal story you two have shared to make it more unique to you and your partner. Then figure out how you’re going to ask the big question. Make sure to run through your speech a few times to make sure the length is okay, and to help make it a little easier to remember when it comes time to propose. Then all you’ll have to do is wait for your partner to say yes.