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Florist’s Fifteen With Laura Lambert of Fenton & Co.


Bride & Blossom is excited to announce our new blog series “Florist’s Fifteen” where we ask influencers in the wedding industry fifteen questions. It’s a fun way to get to know these movers and shakers a little more as they reveal everything from what inspires them and how their dream wedding cake looks to what they wanted to be growing up!

We are inaugurating the series with Laura Lambert of Fenton & Co., a new online luxury boutique that sells custom designed engagement rings at an affordable price. Laura is part of a dynamic and experienced founding team that has worked for leading luxury brands including De Beers and Cartier. She describes how they are working to make the wedding jewelry marketplace more agreeable for the buyer. “Our aim in creating Fenton & Co. is to provide a product that is high quality, responsibly produced and transparently priced. We want to create a modern and inclusive luxury brand to combat the current gap in the market between fair pricing and a great experience.”


The Halo Ring - via

The Halo Ring – via


One of the many great things about Fenton & Co. is that its website is simple to use, providing clear and detailed information on style, type, cut, and quality of stone, and metal. Everything you need to know is readily available for designing a beautiful, bespoke engagement ring. It is obvious that Laura and her colleagues put much thought into creating a website that offers a pleasant shopping experience for the online buyer. You really do feel like you’re browsing the sparkling cases of a fine jewelry store in the company of an expert salesperson. And you won’t believe the prices! Because Fenton & Co. only sells online, they are able to cut out the middleman to offer gorgeous rings made with the high quality stones. The actual ring making process is trusted to a highly skilled team of designers. So if you foresee a proposal in the near future, now is the time to point your partner in the direction of Fenton & Co. and start dropping hints on what your dream engagement ring looks like!


Halo - Solitaire - Trilogy - via

Halo – Solitaire – Trilogy – via


Something you do to stay creative?

Most things about building a new company feel creative as there are so many choices around design and branding.

Growing up you wanted to be….

A dog breeder, I still have time!

Work philosophy?

Get on with it.

Best advice you ever received?

Always do your best to take the high road.

Favorite celebrity engagement ring of all time?

I think the history and symbolism behind Prince William giving Kate Middleton his mother’s ring is very sweet.

You are designing your dream engagement ring on Fenton & Co. What does it look like? Style? Cut? Stone? Metal?

The Halo with an Asscher cut emerald or blue sapphire center stone in platinum. I’ve always loved those stones and it’s a beautiful way of setting them that will have high impact and age timelessly.

Your best guy friend is planning to propose to his girlfriend and comes to you for advice. What do you tell him?

Be natural and find somewhere that shows how well you understand her. It’s not about a big show or ceremony but should feel charming and authentic. Don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with on a ring! The right girl will be looking at you and not the box.

Dream wedding location?

The English countryside

Describe your wedding style in three words?

Intimate, joyful, playful

What does your dream wedding cake look like? Colors? Flavor? Style?

Plain cream and jam sponge tiers decorated with fresh fruit and flowers.

Favorite flower?

I love hydrangeas but also wildflowers like bluebells, snowdrops and sweet peas.

You are happiest when….

In the countryside taking a long walk with lots of animals.

Biggest indulgence?

I have a guilty habit of checking the Daily Mail too many times a day.

You’re day is not complete if you don’t….

Do a little bit of work, even on weekends and holidays. I like to keep things ticking over.

Thank you, Laura, for participating in our first ever “Florist’s Fifteen!” And Bride & Blossom readers, you are in luck! Fenton & Co. is offering you a special discount. Use coupon code BrideAndBlossom to receive $500 off any piece! Contact with any questions you may have.