A Bride & Blossom Love Story

lavender round rose bouquet

NOTE: I asked our Creative Director Lindsay to share the story behind her romantic wedding photos. We always love to share our brides’ love stories, but this one is very close to our hearts! – Rachel

I remember Rachel emailing me about this good friend of hers I “had to meet.” I almost said no because of a series of bad blind dates but something told me to meet him. We met outside a restaurant in the city and he was standing there waiting for me with his headphones on. I
thought that was funny because we didn’t know each other so I could have been walking around calling his name and he wouldn’t have known. Immediately something clicked and even though I was nervous, I felt so comfortable with him. I’ll always have such a vivid and special memory of that night. I think I was smiling the entire train ride home.

Five years later we went to Thailand on vacation and a few nights into the trip he proposed. It was perfect; with candles, my favorite flowers and champagne. He really put so much thought into it and we were in the most amazing place to celebrate. Rachel had helped Aaron pick out the ring!

I think it’s really important that the flowers compliment the venue. We choose the Castle Hotel in Tarrytown so it called for something lush, romantic and a little bold. I’ve always been drawn to purple and that color fit the venue very well. We did a cocktail style wedding so didn’t have a ton of tables. Instead we did two long really beautiful tablescapes (so we could get away with using lots of purple!). I love tablescapes because of the detail that goes into them and had a lot of fun sourcing all of the linens, vases, etc.

long table floral arrangements

long table arrangements high It felt so special working with Rachel on my flowers. We had worked on SO many weddings together in the past but here we were doing my own and I was marrying one of her best friends.

Mother and Bride Agaton Strom

Wedding Ring a Bride Blossom Love Story 1030x687 When people always say “it’s a blur,” they were so right. It all goes by so fast and the next day you can only remember certain moments. Something really special that happened was, before I went out to meet Aaron, my mom gave me my Nana’s ring to wear as my “something borrowed.” Right after, Aaron and I went to take photos around the castle grounds and we noticed that my dress was covered with Lady Bugs. I mean, a LOT of Lady Bugs. Our photographer even put down his camera to help pick them off my dress. Luckily, it’s the one bug I like! Had it been anything else I probably would have taken off my dress right there in the garden. A lot of people say that Lady Bugs are a sign from heaven and also a symbol of good luck. We made a lot of wishes that day.

lucky la I came back to Bride & Blossom shortly after my wedding. It all sort of happened organically and just felt right. Rachel was looking for a new Creative Director and I was looking for a change. I’ve known Rachel for a while now so she’s like family to me. The time in-between when I first started with Bride & Blossom and the time I came back was really quite helpful. I learned a lot and was able to bring back what I learned. We really have such an amazing team and are all very in sync with each other. We also really love flowers!

Lindsay-Saltz-Rachel-TrimarcoLindsayAaron_329-1024x682 Wedding photography by Agaton Strom.

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