Berries & Branches: Bringing the Outside In


Incorporating berries, branches, and greenery into winter celebrations may be one of the oldest decorating traditions, harking back to Pagan winter solstice rituals that even pre-date Christmas. Living in the city, it’s easy to forget the wide range of plants that truly shine in the winter months.  We’ve compiled a list of some popular options for brides looking to bring the spirit of the solstice to their wedding celebration and ceremony with all the beautiful shapes, colors, and textures winter flora has to offer.

Winter Table Runner via Weddingomania

Winter Table Runner via Weddingomania

Ilex Berries

Ilex Berries via Vita Ranunkuler

Ilex Berries via Vita Ranunkler


Ilex berries, or winter berries, come from a type of holly native to the Northeast. When the shrub sheds its leaves in late fall, vibrant red berries are revealed along its stem. These clusters of bright spheres have long been associated with winter festivities, and incorporating ilex berries into your winter wedding is a perfect way to invoke the holiday spirit and create a warm, traditional ambiance.


Snowberries via PJAllSeasons

Snowberries via PJAllSeasons


These cheerful, perfectly round berries are larger than most seasonal berries, making them a great option for filling out any bouquet or arrangement. Snowberries come in a variety of colors including crimson, deep purple, white, and pale pink. Sturdy and long-lasting, snowberries will keep upright and fresh as the celebration moves into the night.

Hypericum Berries

Hypericum-Berries via Fifty Flowers

Hypericum Berries via Fifty Flowers


A popular choice for bridal bouquets, Hypericum berries are known for their elegant, oval shape and fresh red or green tones.  Compact and neat, these berries are a great way to add subtle texture to red-dominant arrangements, or a dramatic pop of color against white or pastel blooms.

Tallow Berries

Tarrow Branches via The Glitter Guide

Tallow Branches via The Glitter Guide


Tallow berries are a beautiful option for all-white winter weddings.  Clustered along long branches, these white berries invoke an icy, fresh snow feel that adds an organic sparkle.  Sprigs of tallow berries also look great on their own in bouquets, garlands, or wreaths, channeling a clean bohemian look.

Fir Branches

Fir Branches via Artfully Wed

Fir Branches via Artfully Wed


Fir branches have long served as an emblem of the winter holidays and the coming of the New Year. There are countless ways of incorporating these noble, evergreen branches.  Beyond garlands, wreaths, and chair accents, fir branches are great accents for wedding cakes, napkin rings, or table cards.

Birch Branches

Birch Branch Candles via Deer Pearl Flowers

Birch Branch Candles via Deer Pearl Flowers


With their striking white bark and elegant shape, birch branches naturally channel magic, mystery, and fairy tales. Birch is a great option for a chuppah, in combination with curly willow and pops of red, green, or ivory.

Leucadendron Cones

Leucadendron Cones via Swallows Nest Farms

Leucadendron Cones via Swallows Nest Farms


While these unusual plants produce what look like sprawling clusters of miniature pine cones, Leucadendrons actually grow and flourish in warm climates, namely Ecuador, Chile, Australia, and South Africa. Leucadendron cones come in several shades of reds and yellows, and add a unique, rustic touch when matched with classic soft blooms such as roses and hydrangeas.



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