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Winter Table Runner via Weddingomania

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Berries & Branches: Bringing the Outside In

Incorporating berries, branches, and greenery into winter celebrations may be one of the oldest decorating traditions, harking back to Pagan winter solstice rituals that even pre-date Christmas. Living in the city, it’s easy to forget the wide range of plants that truly shine in the winter months.  We’ve compiled a list of some popular options for brides looking to bring the spirit of the solstice to their wedding celebration and ceremony with all the beautiful shapes, colors, and textures winter flora has to offer.

Winter Table Runner via Weddingomania

Winter Table Runner via Weddingomania

Ilex Berries

Ilex Berries via Vita Ranunkuler

Ilex Berries via Vita Ranunkler


Ilex berries, or winter berries, come from a type of holly native to the Northeast. When the shrub sheds its leaves in late fall, vibrant red berries are revealed along its stem. These clusters of bright spheres have long been associated with winter festivities, and incorporating ilex berries into your winter wedding is a perfect way to invoke the holiday spirit and create a warm, traditional ambiance.
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