Holiday Tablescape with Florals - by Lila Wilson Weddings - via Domino

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Bringing Florals to your Classic Holiday Decor

Another year has come and gone, and we are back at the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season. Most of us have our traditions and tend to stick to the same ambiance that we’ve been portraying for the last several years. The same old stockings that hang from the fireplace, the tired garlands wrapped around the banister, and passed-down ornaments that are barely hanging on by a thread. Is it that we love these traditions so much that we are too connected to let them go, or maybe that we don’t know the next direction to move to and how to bring new life to our decor? How wonderful would it be for your guests to be wowed walking through your front door, feeling like they stepped into a holiday magazine ad?

Fortunately for us, it’s not as hard as it seems, and I’m going to share with you some great steps and tricks that will bring your holiday decor to life by incorporating flowers. Yes, you read that right — we are bringing florals into Christmas, and all different kinds. Some think flowers may only be appropriate during the spring and summer months, but that’s not the case. If you use the correct type in the most perfect and subtle ways, your holiday furnishings will be bursting with color, harmony and joy.

Holiday Tablescapes

I believe, and I think you would agree, that the best part about the holidays is sitting down all together with family and friends, joining for a wonderful meal. This is the time when memories and stories are shared and new traditions are made. The hectic and exhausting holiday season comes to a halt as you are gathered around the table. Many forget about the importance of a tablescape and get frustrated looking for ideas, but with a few simple steps and a touch of blossom, it can be right at your fingertips.

Holiday Table Centerpiece - via Bless'er House

Holiday Table Centerpiece – via Bless’er House


The first step to setting your table with a flare is the place settings. Adding in decorative napkin holders with a touch of greenery, ranging (as seen below) from Holy, Pine to Rosemary, is a simple yet creative way to brighten up a plain white napkin. Next, come the centerpieces. There are many centerpiece styles you can include on your table, ranging from wooden accents and candles to garland and floral displays.  Adding Christmas greens like Pine, Rosemary and Lemon Grass makes for a beautiful look in the center of your table. If you add in Spray Berries and raw candles with oak accents, it creates a simple, clean and rustic cabin feel which pairs really nicely with the holidays. While creating holiday bouquets for the table, I find that using white, gold and red accents such as Red Amaryllis is a great look, while using accenting Brunia Balls. I also find that the shape of your table makes a difference in the decor you choose. For example, if you have a long rectangular or oval table, a garland down the middle with flowers is the perfect way to create an elegant look. For a round table, one main bouquet centerpiece with accented candles around it is a beautiful focal point. There are many ways to design a breathtaking table to sit at, admire and enjoy the company of your surrounding guests.



Holiday Garland

One of my favorite holiday decorations is the Holiday Garland, as I believe garland can brighten any room. Garland can be used in many different areas of your home. For example, around your doorways, on the staircase banisters and, of course, the fireplace mantle. I know most of you are thinking that garland is a cliché; however, when incorporating the perfect florals and greenery, you can achieve the look of an enchanted holiday forest. The trick to garland is to keep it soft and rustic, bringing nature into the mix, but also using pops of whites, creams and gold to get a rich holiday feel.

Greenery Garland Entryway - Doorway - by Erich McVey Photography - via ProjectWedding

Greenery Garland Entryway – Doorway – by Erich McVey Photography – via ProjectWedding


Firstly, using flowers like White Tibet Roses makes a nice statement in the piece — they are the focal point.  Next, you can add some golds to keep it festive. A great trick for this is using greenery such as Grape Seed Eucalyptus and spray painting it gold to add a beautiful classic touch without being too overpowering. Next, I like to add the “enchanted” assets to the garland. I do this with more materials like Pine Cones, White Pine, Rustic Branches and Holly. You can add as much or as little into your garland as you’d like. Lastly, for a classic pop of red, Plum Red Spray Berries are the perfect trick to keep the Christmas spirit alive! Another great little tool to making your own garland is to start from the outside (both left and right) and work your way to the middle. This leaves you with a perfectly proportioned look that will hang beautifully.



Christmas Tree Trimming

The Christmas Tree is the show stopper; we think of it as the main attraction, and no matter the end result, it never fails to radiate its beauty. As much as we all love the classic tree look with glass ball ornaments and beaded garland, sometimes it’s fun to change it up and play around with new ideas! Well, this year, I say to make your tree the life of the party. It’s time to add flowers galore, because I know you will be in awe of your results.

There are a few different ways to incorporate flowers into your Christmas Tree, but two ways I’ve found to work the best. Firstly, creating almost a flower garland and displaying the flowers in a circular order around the tree. The second strategy to a floral tree is to leave open spaces throughout your trimming that you can later fill with statement flowers. This way gives you a perfect balance of your cherished holiday traditions with a new twist. I think when using flowers on a tree, having a color scheme works really well, and that can be anything that you desire. Some stick to golds and creams, while others go with blush tones. My favorites are the trees that have a blend of traditional Christmas colors. Great flowers to use while trimming your tree are Garden Roses, Classic Red Roses, Ranunculus for a softer cream look, White Lilies, and for the most classic Christmas look of all, Poinsettia.

It’s fun to mix and match to see what looks good together, and when you have so many beautiful flowers, its hard for the tree not to look like a masterpiece. I also enjoy mixing in some extra greenery like Dusty Miller and White Pine, and even adding some Dutch Curly Willow really brings the theme of the tree to life. A great tip while using flowers on your tree (if you want them to live longer) is adding Plastic Water Picks, which are pieces that get attached to each individual flower to supply them water. Play around with it and, most importantly, have fun and enjoy your new tree trimming tradition!


Whichever route you take, introducing florals into your holiday decor will bring a new sense of life and a breath of fresh air into your classic holiday traditions. I’m certain if you follow my quick and easy steps, florals for the holiday seasons will become a new tradition and find a place as a family favorite for years to come.