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Repeat Roses and the Hudson Guild

hudson guild repeat roses

An email from our friend Jennifer at Repeat Roses just made our week!

Great news! Your flowers have been collected, repurposed and delivered to share a little happiness in the world. Your beautiful donated flowers were delivered on Wednesday December 9, 2015 to brighten the day for many at the Hudson Guild community center in Chelsea.

We think it’s chic to share with the Hudson Guild because:
This organization provides everything from housing for formerly homeless seniors to hot meals for those in economic need. Formed in 1897, they continue to provide care and comfort to the community by serving over 14,000 individuals annually, including 8,000 mental health counseling sessions. Your flowers will make a bright and cheerful difference this week!

We had a fantastic time hanging out with Jennifer at our holiday party and we couldn’t be more excited that we can now offer all our brides an opportunity to spread the love and happiness by donating their wedding flowers. When the party’s over, Jennifer and her volunteers will collect the floral arrangements.

Here’s what happens next:
* PURE JOY: Your flowers bring an emotional boost to those who need it most in the community. Thanks for joining our mission to be kind!
* WITH GRATITUDE: The non-profit organization will send you an acknowledgement letter thanking you for your donation.
* ADDED BONUS: Your tax professional can help you with the proper paperwork to claim the maximum deduction allowed by the IRS.
* GREEN IS GOOD: Because the expired florals are collected for composting, you just helped divert waste from ending up in a landfill. Adding this eco-friendly element to your event plan helps protect the planet!

Learn more about the Hudson Guild.
Just engaged? Ask us for more information on Repeat Roses when you come in for a complimentary consultation.

Donate Your Wedding Flowers to Share Joy With Those in Need

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