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Flower-Inspired Fashion: Orchids in Autumn

Autumn Orchids

Cultivate a rarified air with luxury fashion, beauty treasures and exquisite accessories, inspired by the most mystical flower. Orchids always make an impact. These delicate hothouse blooms are sought after by brides for the exotic beauty and sense of grandeur they bring to arrangements and bouquets. When Pantone named Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, designers, florists and decorators embraced the bright, flattering hue. This fall, orchids appear in deeper and softer shades. Pack dark, feminine floral prints, sculptural adornments and a seductive new fragrance for a romantic city weekend away. You’ll be radiant.

1. Orchid print cotton dress by Givenchy.
2. Crème Smooth Lip Color in Royal Orchid, by Laura Mercier.

3.Single orchid clutch,by Thale Blanc.
4.Houry Dark Orchid kid leather pointy toe stilettos, by Jimmy Choo.
5.18k gold orchid earrings with diamond center, by Scully & Scully.
6. Orchid print running shorts, by Adidas Originals Orchid collection.
7. Velvet Orchid, by Tom Ford.