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Peony Tulips: Our New Favorite Spring Wedding Flower


We have fallen in love with peony tulips! Also known as double tulips, or double-bloom tulips, these lush spring flowers are perfect for bridal bouquets. Peonies have always been a Bride & Blossom favorite. Gorgeous peony tulips combine everything we adore about peonies – velvety petals, sumptuous blossoms and subtle nuance of color – with tulips’ crisp spring freshness and joy.

Monika took the above shot of pink peony tulips in the studio last weekend. Soon we’ll share how those lovely blooms became wedding flowers. Until then, enjoy these peony tulips and “double-tulip” bouquets.

Peach and pink peony-tulip bouquet from Blomenwinkle. White bouquet from Polka Dot Bride.Pale pink double-bloom tulip from Flower Muse.