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White Chinese Paper Lanterns - Outdoor Wedding Decor - via Weddbook.com

Planning & Inspiration

Outdoor Spring Wedding Ideas & Trends

Spring has sprung and as we move into the new season, we are excited to spend as much time as we can outdoors and embrace Mother Nature for all of her glory! Planning your wedding in the spring months of March, April and May provides you with so many wonderful options in regards to your wedding’s theme, décor and itinerary, from start to finish. Including nature, landscapes and the environment around you to create a beautiful atmosphere can be a great advantage when planning an outside ceremony or reception. Outdoor weddings provide you with many great ideas, options and new trends for the 2017 spring wedding season.
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Floating Marigold - Photo by Nathan Michael - via SF Girl By Bay.com

Planning & Inspiration

Flower Feature: Marigold

The marigold flower is one of the most recognizable flowers around the world, known for its vibrant yellow and shades of gold that resemble the sun. The marigold genus includes 56 species and varies from annuals to perennials. Though marigolds may be known as common garden flowers, they are beautiful, significant and meaningful in the flower kingdom. Grown all over the world, many see them as common weeds, yet when stripped down to their core, their beauteous shades of gold, orange, white and yellow are like no other.


Dark Orange Marigold - Marigold Flower - via Pinterest.com

Dark Orange Marigold – Marigold Flower – via Pinterest.com


Marigolds often vary in display as many have a pompop-shaped head made up of large amounts of small-layered petals, mirroring the sun. Other marigolds in the kingdom offer a variety of shades from darker petals on the inside to a lighter petal outline in more red-orange and maroon tones.
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Pink and White Tulip Bouquets - via A Lacey Perspective

Planning & Inspiration

Springtime Flowers Feature

For those of us not fortunate enough to live in eternal warmth, spring often signifies the much-welcomed peeling off restrictive layers, heavy woolen wraps and full length casings that double as winter coats. We’ve traded our cumbersome snow gear for the tailored sophistication of a trench coat and kitten heels. We breathe again and our world is filled with the budding optimism of sunlight.

Spring weddings are much like the light that breaks through the dense, grey haze of winter. They are flirty and fresh, bringing the first pops of bright color after the long departed summer hues have faded. They conjure images of lush rolling hills just beginning to sprout with green carpets and cobblestones wet from a light spring rain. Flowers, just like fashion, change for the season, and springtime flowers are some of the most beloved around the world. They are colorful, fun and bring sunshine into your days. Here at Bride and Blossom, we have a few of our favorite flowers that we love to work with during springtime weddings.
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Planning & Inspiration

5 B&B Bouquets for Spring Wedding Inspiration

We may still be waiting for April showers to bring May’s flowers to the streets of NYC, spring has officially sprung. Color palettes are getting lighter and brighter, and so is the mood of our bridal bouquets. Here are five of our favorites from the Bride & Blossom archives to spark your inspiration!


LingBouquet_Windows on the Water Stephen Govel (11)

Photography: Stephen Govel
Venue: Windows on the Water

More on This Wedding: Well-Read at Windows on the Water



Photography: Anna Lee Media
Venue: Oak Tree Country Club

More on This Wedding: Summer Country Club Wedding


Lauren&Ashley-Wedding-LindsayMaddenPhotographyVII-72 - Village Club of Sands Poin (13)

Photography: Lindsay Madden Photography
Venue: Village Club of Sands Point


Yellow Bouquet B

Photography: GLK Creative
Venue: The Liberty Warehouse

More on This Wedding: In Love at The Liberty Warehouse

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Sweet Spring Wedding at the Harvard Club of New York


Kristy and Dave’s wedding brought lighthearted joy to the storied halls of the Harvard Club of New York. Opened in 1894, and on of the city’s first buildings to be officially designated a landmark, this is one of Manhattan’s most exclusive wedding venues.

For this spring wedding, beautiful bride Kristy wanted stylish, elegant wedding flowers that would be at home against the club’s traditional mahogany paneling, while also expressing the freshness of the season. A soft blush, cream and white color palette, featuring cherry blossoms, hit all the right notes.

We created a romantic, multi-dimensional bridal bouquet with budded and bloomed garden roses, blush anemones with black centers, and lisianthus. Bridesmaids carried simple, loosely-rounded bouquets of blush ranunculus and garden roses, accented with lisianthus.
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Planning & Inspiration

Peony Tulips: Our New Favorite Spring Wedding Flower


We have fallen in love with peony tulips! Also known as double tulips, or double-bloom tulips, these lush spring flowers are perfect for bridal bouquets. Peonies have always been a Bride & Blossom favorite. Gorgeous peony tulips combine everything we adore about peonies – velvety petals, sumptuous blossoms and subtle nuance of color – with tulips’ crisp spring freshness and joy.

Monika took the above shot of pink peony tulips in the studio last weekend. Soon we’ll share how those lovely blooms became wedding flowers. Until then, enjoy these peony tulips and “double-tulip” bouquets.

Peach and pink peony-tulip bouquet from Blomenwinkle. White bouquet from Polka Dot Bride.Pale pink double-bloom tulip from Flower Muse.
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