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Wedding Tech Trends That Will Have You Re-Thinking Robotics

The thought of introducing too many screens to your wedding day might make your head spin, but as the times change so do the ways we plan, celebrate, and preserve the most memorable days of our lives.

Here are five tech trends that will have you re-thinking #WeddingTech – from the surreal to the downright practical.

1) Hire a drone photographer.

The idea of a drone at your wedding may strike you as a little freaky at first, but once you see aerial footage of a wedding party panning out into a spectacular landscape, we have a feeling you’ll be hooked.

Video via Above Summit + Lovely Valentine Photo + Film

2) Wear a heart rate band.

There are some things photos just can’t capture.  Following this video released by GOOD magazine, which tracked a man’s heart rate gearing up to, proposing, and being accepted by his girlfriend, couples have been wearing heart rate bands as they prepare and perform their vows. Graphs of your day together make beautiful, modern keepsakes that truly capture every moment.

Video via GOOD

3) Hire a robot bartender.

What’s smaller than a microwave, sleeker than an Apple product, and capable of mixing over 300 varieties of customizable cocktails in a matter of seconds?  That would be Somabar – a patent-pending robotic bartender funded through Kickstarter that’s one hundred percent changing the game.  Somabar will be available in five chic colors and will automatically clean itself after each concoction.  Oh, and an app-controlled ordering system lets you and your guests order cocktails straight off your iPhone – for reals.

Video via Somabar Kickstarter

4) Top your cake with 3D replicas of you and your beau.

doob™, a 3D tech company founded in Dusseldorf with pop-up shops in NYC, LA, and SF, will make a perfect specialized caketopper of you and your sweetheart.  How does it work? Simply step into “the doob™-licator™,” strike a pose, and a high-speed scan sets to capture. Before you know it – you’ve been doob™-licated.

Take a detailed look at the mind-blowing process here:

Video via Forbes

5) Set up a charging station.

We’ve all been there. You’ve just found the perfect angle to capture your best friend in her first dance as a wedded wife when you look down and see the dreaded 2%.  Between GPS-ing your way to the venue, hashtagging the ceremony, and Skyping in your friends abroad, weddings will drain you and your guests’ batteries.  Why not provide everyone a chance to power up in style and beautify your charging station with a burst of florals?

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Photo via confetti.co.uk