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Winter is the New White

Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY

Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY


As a bride-to-be, you’ve spent your life dreaming of the perfect gown for your special day.  Some of us have known forever exactly what we want to walk down the aisle in. But when the time comes to find that dream dress, it can be overwhelming to take in just how many options are out there. So many details go into picking the right dress for your style, body, season and theme, to find the one that  will bring your whole wedding day look together.

For many brides, the first step is choosing the right white.  From snow-white to ivory to champagne, the tone you choose can reflect undertones that align with your color scheme to bring your dress and décor together.

Imagining what their train looks like from the back as they walk to the altar is what brings many brides’ visions to life, so finding the precise silhouette you’ve always fantasized of is an important next step. Winter bridal gowns and summer gowns have a very different feel to them. Winter gowns tend to be grand and elaborate, while summer gowns tend towards a sleek and airy feel. Take the time to browse through fabrics to see what best suits your aesthetic. While fibrous fabrics like silk, organza, and cotton breathe better than blends and finishes like satin, tulle and lace, they also wrinkle more easily, so take this into consideration as you explore.

As we know, the dress steals the show, but as a winter bride, you have many options to accessorize your overall look to complete your fabulous winter theme.  Even with an elaborate dress, incorporating these modest additions won’t overpower the look, but rather accent it seamlessly.



Bridal gloves are a classic accessory for winter brides, and there are a wide range of styles you can wear to accentuate your dress and embrace the season.

If your ceremony is outdoors, you might consider delicate wool gloves or even a chic fur muff to protect you from the cold.



If braving the elements isn’t your style, evening gloves never fail to portray elegance and romance.  Evening gloves come in a wide range of lengths and fabrics, though typically fall just past the elbow and are made of satin, silk, or lace. Famously worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn on their wedding days, evening gloves are a great way to channel timeless class and old Hollywood glamour. Vintage evening gloves are not difficult to find, and can make a wonderful “something borrowed” if you happen to have a pair in the family.


Bridal fur is another fabulous option for winter brides. Not only will fur bring your winter wedding flair to the next level, it will keep you glowing and warm no matter the temperature.  There are many things to consider when choosing a fur but the good news is, unlike your dress, you can wear this accessory again and again!


Winter Bride / Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY

Winter Bride / Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY


When one thinks of bridal fur, the first image that comes to mind is typically a traditional white stole.  Stoles are an ideal way to cover up your shoulders without hiding your gown and make a stunning statement piece. But in recent years, bridal fur has expanded to capes, shawls, hairpieces, shoe and dress accents, so you’re free to incorporate fur as subtly or boldly as you please.



The color of fur you choose presents a wide range of styles, from all-white modern to rustic brown, to adventurous greys, blues, and burgundies.  If you’re taking pictures outdoors, introducing natural fur is a beautiful way to contrast a snowy backdrop and bring out surrounding earth tones. If fur is just not your thing, cashmere or wool shawls are also a lovely way to provide you with light warmth and punctuate your seasonal style.



Winter white may come in and out of fashion over the years, but in the wedding world, it has always been a well-embraced statement. With these tips and trends, we are excited to offer a new twist on an old classic.