Courtney & Quinton Wedding - Card Table - Centerpiece - Roses Hydrangea Eucalyptus - The Bowery Hotel - Photography by Chad Cruz

Planning & Inspiration

Unique Wedding Card Table Ideas to Welcome Your Guests

When it comes time to start thinking about wedding flowers, your mind goes straight to the obvious – bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, and the ceremony arch and chuppah. One décor feature that doesn’t immediately seem important is the card table. Give it a little more thought though. The table is a key feature because it welcomes guests, and every one of them will notice the display as they pick up the escort cards directing them to their seats.

Couples can use the card table to make a statement, expressing their unique interests, style, personality, and wedding theme. From extravagant and grand to intimate and understated, here are card tables from our real BB weddings to use for inspiration.
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Alessia & Michael - Just Married - Bentley - Rainbow Room NYC - 5th Avenue Digital Photography

Planning & Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration For The Vintage Bride

Your dream wedding dress is Christian Dior’s breathtaking creation “Junon,” which the designer made for his Fall/Winter 1949-50 collection. Unfortunately, The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art doesn’t have a “rent program” set up right now. You’re not giving up though and will do everything possible to have a wedding that evokes the look and feel of an earlier era.


Junon Gown - Christian Dior - fall winter collection 1949/50 - via

Junon Gown – Christian Dior – Fall/Winter Collection 1949/50 – via


Bride & Blossom always gets excited when a bride tells us she wants her wedding to have a vintage air about it. From the gown and jewelry to flowers and overall atmosphere, there are so many ways to approach this aesthetic. Whether your style is elegant or retro chic, here are favorite looks from our Real BB Weddings to inspire the bride with the vintage-loving heart.
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Leah & Michael - Chuppah - Le Parker Meridien - by Whitman Studios

Planning & Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration for the Classic Bride

The classic bride wants the look and feel of her wedding to stand the test of time. Don’t tell her about the latest bridal trends. Twenty years from now, her wedding photos will look like they were taken just days before. Important details like her dress, hairstyle, jewelry, flowers, and cake will be chosen because they fulfill her vision of having a grand, elegant affair.

Bride & Blossom has worked with every type of bride and there’s just something so beautiful about using a classic aesthetic to plan a wedding. Here are some inspiring looks from our Real BB Weddings to help the classic bride create the ceremony and reception of her dreams.
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Danielle & Noah Wedding - Cold Spring Country Club NY - Bride & Groom Reception Room Cherry Blossom -Photography by Brett Matthews


Danielle and Noah: Timeless Elegance at the Cold Spring Country Club

Danielle and Noah were married on a lovely day in March in a stunning ceremony and reception at the Cold Spring Country Club in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.


Danielle & Noah Wedding - Cold Spring Country Club NY - Bride & Groom Reception Room Cherry Blossom -Photography by Brett Matthews

Danielle & Noah Wedding – Cold Spring Country Club NY – Bride & Groom Reception Room Cherry Blossom – Photography by Brett Matthews


The stars were aligned from the moment Danielle and Noah first met. Danielle was riding the LIRR headed out to the Hamptons when a friend recognized her. As they caught up, she immediately noticed the cute guy her friend was traveling with. His name was Noah and they started chatting. He offered her a sip of his beer and they hit if off immediately. “I don’t fully believe in ‘everything happens for a reason,’ Danielle recalls, “But I do believe August 19, 2013 happened for a reason.” Their wedding story is as close as it gets to a modern day fairy tale.
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Tiffany & Bryan - Blush and Pink Bouquets - Chateau Briand

Planning & Inspiration

Popular Wedding Bouquet Styles for Every Bride

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, the most important feature is the bouquet. The blooms a bride carries down the aisle make a statement – they are an expression of her personality, style, and the love she is feeling on her wedding day.


Jacqueline & Gary - Bridal Bouquet - Trump Soho - Casey Fatchett Photography

Jacqueline & Gary – Bridal Bouquet – Trump Soho – Casey Fatchett Photography


We love working with our clients, helping them to find the bridal blooms that are perfect for them. There are actually various types of wedding bouquets to choose from, each with a unique shape and floral arrangement. There are no rules, but some factors to consider are the style of your gown and type of ceremony you are planning.
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Danielle & Noah Wedding - Cold Spring Country Club NY - Bride - Bridesmaids - Rose Bouquets - Photography by Brett Matthews

Everlasting Love at Cold Spring Country Club

There was nothing but love and warmth at Danielle & Noah’s elegant spring wedding at Cold Spring Country Club in Long Island.





Cold Spring Country Club – by Brett Matthews


Danielle and Noah met on the LIRR, a chance encounter that solidified their partnership when Noah offered Danielle a sip of his beer. With a mutual friend in common, Noah asked for Danielle’s number, and their first date went off without a hitch! When it came time to pop the question, Noah chose an unsuspecting moment – when Danielle’s family went on a big birthday trip to Spain!


Danielle and Noah took their family and shared histories into consideration when it came time to plan for the big day. They chose Cold Spring Country Club in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, as their grand venue for the biggest day of their lives. Danielle’s grandparents were members of the club, and she mentioned feeling her grandmother’s presence throughout the day. She even coincidentally got dressed in front of the same locker her grandmother used to use!


Cold Spring Country Club has a sprawling estate that overlooks another popular Long Island wedding venue, Oheka Castle. With such stately grounds, Bride & Blossom took full advantage of the space by creating an ethereal draped tent for the ceremony and a warm reception indoors. The tent was draped in chiffon and illuminated by two crystal chandeliers and countless pillar candles and lanterns lining the aisle. Rose petals were scattered down the aisle runner to create an elegant and romantic entrance for the stunning bride. Wearing a stunning Oscar De La Renta gown and embroidered veil, Danielle carried an elegant and tonal white bouquet of miyuki and vendela roses, white peonies, dendrobium and cymbidium orchids, ranunculus and peonies wrapped in ivory silk ribbon. Her bridesmaids carried complimentary bouquets of miyuki, tibet, sweetheart and spray roses.


Guests were greeted at the reception with a gorgeous card table arrangement that featured clustered flowers leaning in cylinder vases, including cream hydrangea, mini calla lilies and champagne quicksand roses. Their lavish reception included three different style centerpieces as well as a beautiful family table. We took advantage of the spring season and placed large bales of cherry blossom branches in beautiful glass clarinet vases. The towering arrangements were accented with crystals, floating candles and crystal candle holders with taper candles. The second design for Danielle and Noah’s reception were gorgeous tall and textured oval arrangements featuring hydrangea, garden, quicksand, amnesia, sweetheart and blush spray roses. These arrangements stood on elegant crystal pedestals and were also accented with crystal taper candle holders and floating candles.


The third style centerpiece brought some different dimension and height to the room by featuring low, beveled mirrored vases with hydrangea, ranunculus, miyuki, sweetheart, quicksand, amnesia and ivory spray roses. The mirrored vases created a contemporary look when combined with crystal candle holders and pillar vases. The family table featured the same florals in a lush grouping of low arrangements and bud vases on a mirrored runner.


With impressive family speeches and a touching father daughter dance among their favorite moments of the day, this wedding was what all weddings should be, a testament to a couples’ love with their cherished friends and family there to celebrate with them!


Venue: Cold Spring Country Club
Photographer: Brett Matthews Photography
Bride’s Gown: Oscar de la Renta
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Tuxedo + Shoes: Hugo Boss
Music: Bobbi Attiko of Hank Lane Music
Planner: dBb Group
Invitations: dBb Group, Lefty’s Right Mind
Hair: Nikki Avanzino
Makeup: Chante Cutter + Christina Amador Beauty