October 1, 2019

Festive Fall Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Caramel Apple Wedding Favors - via evermine.com

Caramel Apple Wedding Favors – via evermine.com


From nature’s vibrant colors to an ever-present golden light to the crisp chill filling the air, there’s just something magically romantic about a fall wedding. Getting to share this once-in-a-lifetime event with family and friends, many of whom have traveled far and wide, makes it all the more special. What better way to thank them than with a thoughtful gift that expresses the spirit of the season? Here are twelve festive fall wedding favor ideas to keep your guests all cozy and warm.

Autumn Scented Candles
Seasonal candles always make a great gift. Pumpkin spice, apple pie, mulled cider… these are the scents that evoke our most cherished memories of autumn.
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May 8, 2018

Wedding Favors Ideas That Double As Beautiful Decor

When it comes to designing a wedding, brides dream about a day where every decorative flourish is flawlessly executed. At the same time, it’s refreshing to add touches that are little unexpected, fun, and show your personality. One way to show your creative side is by incorporating wedding favors into the decorative scenery. You’ll be amazed by how little details like vibrant packaging, festive colored treats, and thoughtful keepsakes work to enhance both the look and feel of your wedding.


Wedding Favor Centerpieces - via marthastewartweddings.com

Wedding Favor Centerpieces – via marthastewartweddings.com


Wedding Favor Centerpiece - via marthastewartweddings.com

Wedding Favor Centerpiece – via marthastewartweddings.com


Wedding Favor Flower Centerpiece

Of course you’ll want to save some of your wedding flowers, but not all of them! Encourage guests to take home floral centerpieces by placing blooms in charming vintage cans or in vases displayed on a cake stand.
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November 27, 2017

De-Stress And Get Creative With These DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

We know what you are thinking. “I am so overwhelmingly busy with wedding planning right now. Taking on another task like making my wedding favors will put me over the edge!”

Hear us out though. It’s more a matter of how you approach the DIY wedding favor. It’s a proven fact that craft projects can be really relaxing. When done in groups, crafting projects are a great excuse to get together with friends, be creative, and catch up over wine and pizza. Think of it more like a party!

We rounded up a list of DIY wedding favor ideas that are not only easy and fun to make, but are takeaways that your guests will actually appreciate. So round up your bridesmaids and artsy friends and make a night of it!
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