De-Stress And Get Creative With These DIY Wedding Favor Ideas


We know what you are thinking. “I am so overwhelmingly busy with wedding planning right now. Taking on another task like making my wedding favors will put me over the edge!”

Hear us out though. It’s more a matter of how you approach the DIY wedding favor. It’s a proven fact that craft projects can be really relaxing. When done in groups, crafting projects are a great excuse to get together with friends, be creative, and catch up over wine and pizza. Think of it more like a party!

We rounded up a list of DIY wedding favor ideas that are not only easy and fun to make, but are takeaways that your guests will actually appreciate. So round up your bridesmaids and artsy friends and make a night of it!


DIY Wedding Favor - Popcorn - via

DIY Wedding Favor – Popcorn – via


Mini Popcorn Jars
Give your guests something to snack on during that next Netflix binge. Just fill mini mason jars with popcorn kernels and add personalized tags to finish the presentation.


DIY Wedding Favor - Candy Station - via

DIY Wedding Favor – Candy Station – via


Candy Station
A candy station practically takes away all the DIY and leaves you with a really sweet wedding favor. Just fill up serving vessels with your favorite sugary treats and arrange on a table. We love the idea of mini Chinese take containers, but a small doggie bag with your names and and wedding date stamped on the front will work just fine!


DIY Wedding Favor - Herbal Soap - via

DIY Wedding Favor – Herbal Soap – via


Handmade Soap Favors
Organic, all natural soap is expansive, which means your guests will love this thoughtful, lovely smelling token of appreciation. You’ll need melt and pour soap base, essential oils, and dried flowers along with cutters or molds of your choice, knife, chopping board, measuring jug, metal spoon and access to a microwave. Choose stylish and attractive packaging that best matches your wedding decor. See the full tutorial here.


DIY Wedding Favor - S'mores - via

DIY Wedding Favor – S’mores – via


Whether you’re wedding is taking place during summer, winter, or anytime in between, a cute S’mores favor will be loved by all. And we won’t judge if some sampling goes down while working on this one.


DIY Wedding Favor - Pinecone Scented Soy Candle - via

DIY Wedding Favor – Pinecone Scented Soy Candle – via


Pinecone Scented Soy Candles
While this project requires a bit more work, the reward of enjoying the cozy aroma of a pinecone scented candle made by you makes the favor totally worth it. And once you get the process down, you can make candles in any scent you desire. Read the full tutorial here.


DIY Wedding Favor - Honey Favor - via

DIY Wedding Favor – Honey Favor – via


Honey Favors
How adorable are these favors made of honey sticks set inside little test tubes?! Honey is the perfect gift for any season. If possible, support small business and get it from a local beekeeper. Visit for the full tutorial and free printable tags.

DIY Wedding Favors - Love in Bloom Succulents - via

DIY Wedding Favors – Love in Bloom Succulents – via


“Love in Bloom” Succulents
A mini succulent will leave guests with lovely memories of your summer garden wedding. For a gorgeous presentation, wrap the pots in paper or fabric that matches the rest of your wedding decor. This tutorial from Style Me Pretty includes printable “Love in Bloom” labels. To make the gifts more personal, use labels with your names and wedding date.

Wedding planning is a busy and stressful time for any bride-to-be. We hope these DIY wedding favor ideas inspire you to slow down, tap into your crafty side, and get the creative juices flowing. And the money you save can be used toward the honeymoon!


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