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February 15, 2017

Flower Feature – Hydrangea


One of the most beautiful and well-known species in the flower kingdom, is hydrangea. Hydrangea originated in many regions of the world, including North and South America, Europe and Asia. Now worldwide, they are very famous and a popular flower grown in gardens, while also being used at special occasions and weddings. Offering a variety of species in the kingdom, it is most famous for its hydrangea and Dutch hydrangea variety. The hydrangea species is famous for its large soft clusters and overwhelming beauty in its natural state. The hydrangea flower is grown on a hydrangea bush in single clusters containing multiple little flowers and blooms. Though each individual flower is very small, hydrangea’s florets are known for coming in full round clusters at the top of a single stem.


White Hydrangea Bouquet - A Modern Style - via Martha Stewart Weddings

White Hydrangea Bouquet-A Modern Style- via Martha Stewart Weddings


Hydrangea are most popular and known for their pure white petals, yet they are also grown in a variety of colors including purple, blue and pink. A small fact that many don’t know about hydrangea is that the color of the hydrangea flowers depends on the acidity of the soil they are grown in. This can determine whether they will produce, for example, blue or white flowers. Offering a complete range of colors, Dutch hydrangea bloom in a little more variety of colors than the average hydrangea, including white, green, and all shades of pink, blue and purple.



Hydrangea, though grown in many parts of the world,  thrive in moist soil with partial shade and die instantly when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Another fact about the hydrangea is that they are the ‘camel’ of the flower world,  meaning they require and flourish off a huge amount of water. Hydrangea need to drink excessive amounts of water a day to stay crisp, fresh and silky. They get their name from the Greek word ‘hydro’, which means water, and ‘angeion’ which stands for vessel. This symbolic name is very fitting, since this species requires a lot of water to grow and lasts a long time.


Blue Hydrangea - Haute Hydrangea - photo by Hamptons Hostess

Blue Hydrangea – Haute Hydrangea – photo by Hamptons Hostess


Representing honesty, gratitude and the thought of giving, hydrangea makes for the perfect package for many occasions. Another aspect of this species is that its unique look can adapt to many wedding styles. From classic, romantic, modern, colorful or even neutral styles, hydrangea can modify and complement their surroundings beautifully. Hydrangea are a staple flower in the summer and spring, but are also used for special occasions during the other seasons. As we mentioned earlier, hydrangea are offered in blooms of white, purple, blue and pink, making them the perfect statement piece that complements both arrangements and brides. These flowers look beautiful and delicate, yet are very strong and have a long vase life with plenty of water. They are a classic choice, and one that complements each and every occasion.




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April 27, 2016

Perfectly Peachy at the Refinery Hotel



Peach Juliet Garden Roses in the Bride & Blossom studio

Peach, the sophisticated cousin of that ubiquitous wedding color — pink. This often-overlooked color can add a delicate touch of femininity to your wedding decor without going over-the-top. It works brilliantly as the subtle pop in a neutral color palette, and is brought to life with the addition of vibrant greenery. At a recent Bride & Blossom wedding held at Manhattan’s Refinery Hotel, we saw this color take center stage as the star of a particularly sophisticated soiree. The cosmopolitan venue provided the perfect backdrop for hues of peach, ivory, and cream with lush green accents.


Studio D NYC photography captured the intimate atmosphere of the occasion. The bride’s lace gown and simple bouquet, flickering votives on bistro tables, and elegant lanterns all contributed to the classically-romantic vibe.


These bright neutral colors were the perfect compliment to an exceptional evening in NYC. We hope this inspires your own “peachy” affair to remember!




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March 18, 2016

Classic Romance in Red Hook


Recently, we had the pleasure of working with one of our new favorite photographers, Le Image, at one of our all-time favorite venues, The Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn. With such a great team assembled, there was no doubt that bride Delaine Duncan’s wedding was going to be exceptionally stunning.

A simple color palette of monochromatic whites, with accents of subtle greenery and the occasional red rose, created a mood that carried through the evening. From details like the delicate lace wrap on the bride’s bouquet to the unique floral arch we constructed for the ceremony, the day was picture-perfect from beginning to end.




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January 26, 2015

A Bride & Blossom Wedding on Carats & Cake



Carats & Cake featured the picture perfect wedding of my dear friends Aaron and Lindsay. What could be better than designing wedding flowers for a couple I introduced?

Castle Hotel & Spa, one of Westchester’s poshest venues, was the perfect setting for the outdoor ceremony under a fairytale floral arch and a glamorous reception surrounded by high and low centerpieces and arrangements in shades of purple. The romantic bridal bouquet was composed of rare Mentha roses from South Africa, in the most delicate shade of lavender. I loved Lindsay’s taste and vision so much that we hired her as Bride & Blosssom’s new Creative Director!

Fantastic photos by Agaton Strom.


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November 21, 2014

We Love: Floral-Framed Seating Chart


Floral-framed seating chart
We absolutely adore this floral-framed seating chart, created by
Paula Rooney Weddings & Events, and discovered via Strictly Weddings.

Paula’s lush, opulent work has been featured in many international magazines and is known for the romantic, woodland feel this frame conveys with beautiful blooms including standard, spray and garden roses, ranunculus and hydrangea.

Follow Paula on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, for lots more gorgeous inspiration.


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October 15, 2014

With Me All the While: a Wedding at The Brownstone



Jennifer Oratio and Michael Kainatsky met online three years ago, but as fate would have it, their paths had crossed many times. Although they both lived in New York City when they met, they grew up a mere five minutes from one another, in neighboring towns of Ramsey and Mahwah, New Jersey. They hung with the same circle of friends and even attended the same prom, but never formally met until more than a decade later. A marathon first date led to a long-lasting connection. They became engaged a year and a half later, and married another year after that. Their special and unbreakable bond is irrefutable.

A romantic, glass conservatory at The Brownstone, in Paterson, New Jersey was the perfect spot was for the couple’s sweet ceremony. Vows were framed by an arch we designed with rustic branches. Craftsman-style architecture and a sense of history and warmth welcomed guests for a joyful reception.

Jennifer chose ivory peonies and white freesia for her bridal bouquet. We used pink peonies with white hydrangea, freesia and spray roses in the table arrangements and on the arch. Jennifer’s flower choices flattered her soft, classic bridal look and reflected her lovely spirit.

Never fear that modern technology diminishes the magic of romance. For this couple, online dating began an old-fashioned love story.

All images by Tom Wang Photography.


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