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New Team Member: Social Media Editor

I’ve been obsessed with weddings ever since I was the “Junior Maid of Honor” in my godmother’s wedding when I was eight. They created the title specifically for me, and had a miniature version of the bridesmaids’ dress designed so I could “look like the big girls,” without the off-the-shoulder purple velvet top (it was the early 90s) — much to my dismay.

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My aunt amassed stacks of wedding magazines that she kept in my playroom while planning her big day, and for a few years after, these were my favorite reading materials. This was the era of girl-power computer games like the Clueless CD-ROM, where the primary objective was to come up with cool outfits and color schemes. I spent a lot of my after-school hours dreaming up fantasy weddings and sketching ridiculous dresses.
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