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New Team Member: Social Media Editor

I’ve been obsessed with weddings ever since I was the “Junior Maid of Honor” in my godmother’s wedding when I was eight. They created the title specifically for me, and had a miniature version of the bridesmaids’ dress designed so I could “look like the big girls,” without the off-the-shoulder purple velvet top (it was the early 90s) — much to my dismay.

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My aunt amassed stacks of wedding magazines that she kept in my playroom while planning her big day, and for a few years after, these were my favorite reading materials. This was the era of girl-power computer games like the Clueless CD-ROM, where the primary objective was to come up with cool outfits and color schemes. I spent a lot of my after-school hours dreaming up fantasy weddings and sketching ridiculous dresses.

clueless cd-rom

Later, I attended a small women’s liberal arts college that stressed the importance of interdisciplinary study and and real-world experience. I was completing an honors thesis in feminist poetry, but during my junior year, I was matched with a local female entrepreneur who ran Central Virginia Bridal Guide for a spring semester internship. I did everything from copy-edit and write for the printed edition of the magazine to working on-site at the Bridal shows and maintaining vendor relationships, right alongside the amazing woman who ran the company.

Seven years later, I still count that internship as responsible for some of my most valuable work experience. When I saw that Bride & Blossom was looking for a Social Media Editor, I jumped at the chance to get involved with the wedding industry again. I love the sense of sisterhood, support, and the emphasis on style that pervades the industry, and I’m a sucker for a great love story. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for me to buy a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings any time I have to commute through Port Authority!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Bride & Blossom studio in Long Island City and see the team at work. It was so inspiring to see everyone’s incredible talent, and their dedication to making the wedding they were working on as beautiful as possible.

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