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Bridesmaids 2.0

While those who we might choose as our bridesmaids at our weddings may not change with the seasons, the trending wedding apparel we see for bridesmaids is always transforming. The choices are dazzling and endless. For that reason, narrowing down how you make your choices, and being aware of what your bridesmaids may want and need, is a decision that requires some extra consideration.


Ruched Red Taffeta Red Layed Strapless Short Bridesmaid Dress-0

Firstly, you want your bridesmaids to feel beautiful in what they are wearing.  The dresses should be flattering and comfortable. No amount of makeup or jewelry can complete a look more than confidence and appeal. One stylistic element that works on just about everyone is ruching. Ruching’s diagonal pattern brings the focus of the eye inward, creating a stream-lined silhouette.



Secondly, allowing your bridesmaids the chance to be a little a creative with their dresses can be an inspiring and fun way to insure they love how they look. Dresses that twist and tie in a variety of styles give the wearer the opportunity to select a look that flatters them the most. The added bonus is that your bridesmaids may bring some fun diversity to their look.

Back to Black


Thirdly, give black a second chance if you have ruled it out. Yes, it can be a bit dramatic, or even conversely, a bit boring, but it is the ultimate neutral that works on everyone. You can spruce it up with your bouquet selection, and/or the accessories your bridesmaids may wear. If black still does work for you, you can always opt for a similar shade, like navy. Both colors will do the trick in providing a sleek figure that makes every wearer feel their best. Above all, if your bridesmaids feel good, they will certainly look good. And everyone should be feeling good on your special day!