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Apple watch

Wearable technology had a breakthrough month. Apple Watch was unveiled and is on display at Colette Paris. Fashion week in New York launched collaborations between designers including Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch, with technology companies, to create accessories with communication capabilities and features to track fitness and interact with wearer’s smartphones.

We believe “wearable tech” is “wedding tech.” Brides and wedding pros tend to be early adopters of technology and tools that streamline planning, encourage creative design and make it simple to record and share memories. (Remember the first Google Glass bride?) This season, editors and audiences have noticed a difference that will get the wedding crowd’s attention: style. Luxury materials and chic lines may soon give hi-tech brides the chance to geek-out while looking wedding perfect.

Opening Ceremony, in partnership with Intel, recently released images of the MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory). This bracelet will be available for the holidays, in a choice of black or white snakeskin, embellished with pearls, lapis and obsidian.

MICA bracelet

Designer Richard Nicoll’s futuristic slip-dress dazzled runway watchers in London. An ethereal glow was achieved with tiny LEDs, embedded in fiber-optic fabric. Nicoll, who collaborated with Studio XO and Disney, cited Tinkerbell and Kate Moss as sources of inspiration. We have seen earlier examples of these materials used in dress design, to an effect more Vegas than fairy tale. Soft shimmer and smart jewelry could soon find a place in bridal fashion.

imageTinkerbell dress

Of course these fashion-week hits landed on Instagram courtesy of front row editors and bloggers wearing Google Glasses designed by Diane Von Furstenberg and Luxotica.

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