Bride & Blossom Chuppah Sketch 1

Planning & Inspiration

Chuppah Design & Construction

Traditionally reserved for Jewish ceremonies, a chuppah is a four-posted canopy that symbolizes the home a couple will build together during their marriage.  Today, chuppahs can be seen at weddings of all types, from nondenominational to secular.  Chuppahs are a beautiful way to frame your ceremony and create a personal, sacred space for you and your partner to exchange vows.

Every chuppah begins with a sketch, often drawn from several inspirational sources.  “We work closely with our brides on creating the perfect ceremony backdrop, as the decor is setting the scene for such an important moment,” explains our Director of Events Elianna Phelps,  “Sometimes our brides bring us several inspiration images – none of which are their dream ceremony.,,


…Creating sketches allows us to help our clients combine the aspects of each image that they love into one, and give them a visual along with a description to make sure that we nail the concept and create the ceremony of their dreams.”

Chuppahs vary greatly in terms of style and construction, leaving the couple’s design options wide open.  Typically they begin with a metal structure as a base, covered in fabric or branches.  Other chuppahs have a wooden frame, such as birch poles.  They can then be embellished with flowers, branches, and greenery.


Chuppahs are exciting to design and construct because the final result is always a little different. “When it’s a new style or look we haven’t done before, the result always feels even more magical,”  says Elianna, “The biggest challenge I find is timing – sometimes we cannot get into the ceremony space until an hour before guests arrive. That’s when things get stressful – when you are under the gun, there is no time for mistakes or corrections.”

Even when things get down to the wire, the stress is always worth it. There’s nothing quite like framing a unique, sacred space for each couple to commit to their everlasting love.