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Next In Wedding Tech?

iPad wedding album by Darkershadesofbrown Photography

iPad wedding album by Darkershadesofbrown Photography

As the world waits for Apple’s announcement on September 9th, one thing is certain: whatever mobile, wearable, stylish gadget is introduced, tech-savvy brides will be among the first adopters.

It’s amazing to think about all the ways technology has been integrated into wedding planning and celebrations. Apps and online tools now streamline and enhance the planning process in ways the previous generation never imagined. Photos taken with smart phones and shared over social media channels are now so expected that couples who don’t want guests to share mention that request on their wedding websites.

“Wedding hashtags are now a permanent part of wedding paraphernalia,” writes Leah Chernikoff in her recent essay for Elle, How We’ve All Become Virtual Wedding Crashers. “20% of couples shared their hashtag on their ceremony programs, 28% of couples shared their hashtag on the table displays at the reception, and 26% of couples shared their hashtag on their wedding website.”

We all look forward to almost-instant images and updates from the celebrations of faraway friends, and many couples are more than happy to comply. Brides have started carrying “bouquet cams,” down the aisle. Tucking a small video camera into the bridal bouquet lets loved ones watch a recording, or even a live stream, of the ceremony from the bride’s point of view. And best of all, after the event, the bride gets to see how her guests’– and her groom’s– faces lit up.

A year ago we got to watch the first Google Glass bride’s wedding unfold.

This April, Bridal Guide partnered with Google for Bridal Fashion Week. Here is the runway debut of an ethereal gown by Christos, as seen through the eyes (and Glass!) of Fashion editor, Naima DeFranco.

So, what’s next? What online tool, mobile app, wearable device or tech gadget would simplify your planning, give you confidence in online wedding purchases, let you bring your creative ideas to life, or make it easier to share your wedding day with even more people you love?