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Wearable Tech Engagement Ring Records Memories

Jewelry has always served as a memory keeper. Now, diamond engagement rings can literally hold wedding memories like vows, photos and web links. Momento Diamond rings by Galatea will be introduced this fall. Luxury wearable wedding tech has truly arrived.

“Think of 50 years from now, and it has your proposal and your wedding vows and your baby being born and your baby saying, ‘I love you.’ It will be so valuable in 50 years, when you actually hand it over, and you can say, ‘Everything is in here.’ It’s like a locket but interactive,” said Galatea founder Chi Huynh said in JCK magazine.

Brides are inspired, early adapters when it comes to wedding tech, from wedding planning apps to wearables. Silicon Valley tech startups are starting to understand that the wedding market seeks the same qualities in tech that it values from all wedding vendors: customization, elegance and magic.