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Tips on Assembling your Guest List

Coming up with your guest list should be one of the first things you think about. After all, it’s your friends and family who make your party. However, it’s also these people who greatly affect your budget and venue options. This is why assembling your guest list is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning.

Here is a timeline of things to do regarding your guests:

ASAP – Start drafting your guest list

12+ months before – finalize the guest list

9-11 months before – finalize your guest list

6-8 months before – send out save-the-dates

3 months before – send out A-list invitations, reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests

6-8 weeks before – send out B-list invitations

So how do you begin? First, find out your guest list maximum by using this formula:

(50% of total budget – venue rental fee) / per-head cost = guest list cap

After you’ve got your number, then decide who’s in. To ensure no drama during this already stressful planning, play fair: divide the guest list maximum three ways between you and both sets of parents. Adjust accordingly if, let’s say, the bride’s family is smaller than the groom’s. Remember, playing fair is the key.