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Wedding Etiquette: MOG

“There she is, the woman you will, in a manner of speaking, soon be committing your life to.” No, this is not a thought fluttering around inside the Groom’s head as he gazes mesmerized at his soon-to-be-Bride. This is your own self talking to YOU Miss Bride, while you are looking right at the MOG.

Ok, so what is the MOG? Well, the MOG stands for the Mother-of-the-Groom. I am going to resist the urge to make any jokes about getting mobbed by the MOG during your wedding planning, as well as the actual ceremony and reception. Ok, maybe that was one little joke. I just could not resist!

Now, concerns with Mother-in-laws typically begins way before you could even call her an in-law, or even conceive of her in that respect! She sizes you up the moment she meets you and there is no getting around that one. And, this is not always a bad thing. If the relationship ends up becoming serious, you will naturally size her up too. That process may have even been part of the equation when it came to you considering whether or not you wanted a serious relationship in the first place.

So, now you are at the point where the boyfriend has passed the litmus test and has become fiance. That means his mom is now moving into MOG territory, and you want to be prepared! Just like you are preparing to nurture your life-long relationship with your Groom, you will also be preparing to nurture one with his mother. Here are some things you can think about to ready yourself and welcome your Mother-in-law into your life with equal joy and positivity as you do her son.


1. What is one fun thing you know you can only do with your MOG? This would be something perhaps your own mother does not enjoy doing. For example, my mother hates shopping (seriously). If you do not want to do this activity with her, then you can always use it for creative ideas for gifts, or even conversation.

2. What is her favorite food? Endeavor to remember this, but also to remember WHY she loves it so much. It can be as simple as she just loves the taste. Remembering little details like this actually bridges genuine rapport that lasts. Everyone likes to be paid attention to.
3. Take her suggestions seriously. She wants to be involved and she will always want to be involved. You do not have to do as she says, but you’ll be better off in the long-run if you get used to just listening intently. Listening connotes respect, and respect plays a significant role in overall harmony.

The key here is to see your MOG as someone who will be indefinitely a part of your life. The relationship may never be a best friendship,but you will certainly know exactly how to mother-of-the-groom-pantsuit enjoy yourself when she is around, and maybe she will enjoy herself too. While this etiquette extends beyond the wedding day, perhaps part of what you can honor on your special day is the welcoming of new people into your family, and to commit to always making them feel welcome.