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Trend Watch: Champagne Wishes

Silvers and golds have always been popular colors associated with weddings. Harkening back to the days of royalty, matching so elegantly with our jewelry choices, always complimenting whatever floral arrangements our creative hearts might aspire to; this is gold and silver. These two classic metallic shades have it made when it comes to most wedding color palettes.

But, as of late, a certain dark horse has taken center-stage trend-wise when it comes to metallics. You’ve probably already seen it as you browse the latest wedding pins on your favorite pinterest boards, if not already considered it for your own wedding, or seen it as another. The latest shade of metallics to become popular for weddings is the illustrious champagne.


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I say champagne is illustrious because if you think about it, it is like the glamourous version of white wine. It is that fun, fizzy, feel good elixir that makes us just want to celebrate. They call alcohol spirits, and there is just something about champagne that strikes me as so Southern-weddings-champagne-bridesmaid-dresses1effervescent and alive. That, and I probably just really love the little bubbles. Now as far as color palettes go, champagne can present itself as wonderful metallic switch up. Softer than both traditional hues of gold and silver, champagne can add that enchanting and ethereal quality many of us love to associate with our weddings.



Champagne is like a gentle warm breeze. It plays softly against other colors, enhancing their own natural glows. Champagne also suggests subtle sophistication and class, but is not so proud and bold that it cannot blend well with a rustic, or vintage theme. I would even say champagne is a color that works for anyone, and is a fine compliment to probably every single color you can imagine. I would love to hear about where you’ve seen champagne used, and what you liked or did not like about. Do you think this metallic color deserves the spotlight, or should stick to the champagne glasses for the toast? Check out our pinterest for more ways to use champagne as part of your wedding color palette.


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