Throwback Thursday: The Renaissance Style Wedding

006_primaryToday I could not help but feel inspired by Shakespeare. I already posted one blog article earlier that managed to incorporate a wedding-esque version of Hamlet’s speech (“to sit or not to sit” is indeed a question) but I just was not ready to be finished with this guy! Being an actress in my freetime, I have a special place in my heart for Shakespeare. I may not always entirely understand what he is saying, but I do enjoy saying it. That’s what matters. There is no question there. So, continuing with my Shakespeare-kick, I decided to look into wedding trends that would represent a (Thursday) throwback to his era. What I discovered fit my love of Shakespeare well: the trend of his time reimagined for today’s wedding is aptly described as “Renaissance.” How JAR_8615_C_0437might I describe the Renaissance style? Luxurious, epic, and majestic. With gowns featuring brocade fabric elements, enchanting v-necklines, corset-style bodices, and dual-layered dress-skirting, I could not help but experience a rebirth of my love for all things Renaissance, Shakespeare, and wedding-oriented. The jewelry is intricate and softly ornate, standing as a reflection of the high-gothic art that once hailed across Europe during this time period. Color choices in bouquets, centerpieces, and overall design elements are deep, lush, and earthy, connoting power, strength, and solidarity. Above all, what strikes me as most significant about the influence of this time period on wedding fashion is the fascination with details, artistry, and a true enduring love of beauty. The Renaissance represented a time-period when the European world opened it’s cultural eye to new possibilities and ideas. The art of this time period reflected this new enlightened way of seeing the world. It is no surprise then that within its echo in today’s wedding styles, we see an enthusiastic love for fine art exalted through the celebration of love that is a marriage.

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Pretty in (Grown-Up) Pink



Pink is not just for little girls. I am sure you already knew that, but it bears repeating! As Aerosmith says, “pink is the color of passion… and today, it just goes with the fashion.” So what about incorporating pink into your wedding? Concerned it will be too trite?


With the focus on the vintage-look, pink has really made a comeback as true sophisticated color that can be perfect for weddings.


Now what if you wanted to do a more traditional and fancy wedding? Or, what if you wanted to incorporate brighter or richer hues of pink than those that are the main-stay of the vintage look? There are ways to do this without succumbing to the days of Molly Ringwald Fashion Pictures Photos(unless you would want that look), or with your flower girls and bridesmaids looking they are wearing the same outfits designed for a preschool tea-party (unless you would want that look as well- no judgements here). Read More

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Oscar De La Renta 2014 Collection

Check out Oscar De La Renta’s 2014 wedding dress collection. As always, such beautiful, luxurious, creative and cutting edge designs.

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Black Wedding Dresses: A Do or Don’t?

Is a black wedding dress ghoulish or glamorous? Some brides stand by their untraditional choice, and some wish they could do it all over again. What would you choose?

Black wedding dresses: A do or don’t?

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Adding a Little Sparkle to Your Bouquet

Here are two ways of adding some sparkle or “bling” to your bouquet, just enough to enhance the flowers and add a refined elegant look without going over the top!

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Gorgeous Gown and Bouquet

I’m loving this gown. One of our recent brides wore it and the bouquet we created for her complements it perfectly. The flowers and crystals on the gown are so elegant. The bouquet is soft, romantic and traditional with a combination of Roses, Calla Lilies and Peonies. We even added in some Swarvoski crystals to match with the gown.