February 10, 2016

Five On-Trend Centerpieces

Centerpieces are one of the primary focal points of your wedding decor. In weddings past, stuffy, fussy floral arrangements reigned supreme, but these on-trend designs are a perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style.

1. The Rustic Romantic

Rustic Rose Centerpiece


Venue: Studio 450

Photographer: Carly Michelle

Flowers: Pink esther roses, seeded eucalyptus, white stock, lavender dahlia

These mid-height naturalistic arrangements are reminiscent of a walk through an enchanted forest. They accent the table without overwhelming the decor, and work well with simple color schemes.

2. The Pop Princess 

Purple Anemones

Venue: Studio 450

Photographer: Photo Pink

Flowers: Purple Anemones

Though they be but little, these purple anemones are fiercely fashionable. A single, exotic bloom that matches (or offsets) a monochromatic color scheme is both an aesthetic asset and a conversation-starter for your guests.

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March 6, 2015

We Love: Moss Baskets for Flower Girls


Flower girls scattering petals from moss baskets captured hearts, in a wedding at The Liberty Warehouse, in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Flower girls never fail to charm us. Photographer Kris Rae captured the joy, pride (and shyness!) that go along with this important role.

Moss-covered baskets complemented the romantic-garden aisle decor we created with roses, hydrangea, spray roses, stock and seeded eucalyptus, set in moss. If you’re planning a similar wedding theme and you like this flower-girl idea, ask your wedding florist to recreate these petal baskets.

Etsy seller justanns offers handcrafted moss baskets finished with burlap ribbon and a vintage button. We also love this heart-shaped moss basket from Little Things & Favors.
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November 14, 2014

We Love: Faceted Glass Terrariums from West Elm


We were so inspired by the way Helen Guzman, of Bonito Designs, displayed roses like precious jewels at a recent shoot. It’s easy to imagine more ways to use these glass terrariums and boxes by West Elm. They would make exquisite table card holders. Or, fill one with a few berries, a citrus fruit or a sprigs of herbs, to display next to the description of a signature wedding cocktail. At home, use one on a bedside or coffee table, to display wedding keepsakes like the ribbon and pearls that adorned your bouquet, your groom’s bow tie, or the jeweled comb you wore in your hair.
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November 13, 2014

Thinking Inside the Box

Roses, wedding decorWe recently spent the day in Brooklyn, working with a talented team, on a styled shoot. Helen Guzman, of Bonito Designs, displayed perfect blush roses and delicate sprays of baby’s breath in beautiful glass boxes and a French country glass canister. We used a simple, wooden box to create a centerpiece of Dahlias and wildflowers.

All these boxes reminded us to always think outside of the box; to look for inspiration everywhere and consider how objects around us can be used in creative wedding flower designs. Remember this next time you plan a dinner party or holiday at home. Look around and experiment by using your own home decor items– small mirrors or frames, china tea cups, carafes, canisters– in unique floral centerpieces.
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November 3, 2014

Peacock Feathers for Weddings

Peacock Feather Bouquet

Luxe, jewel-toned peacock feathers make a bold statement in wedding decor and bridal accessories. A magnificent wonder of nature, the feathers’ popularity spiked during the opulent Art Deco era, and have long symbolized renewal and eternal life in Eastern cultures. It seems only appropriate to include such fine plumage in weddings. After all, this bird’s audacious mating rituals rival our own poshest ceremonies and celebrations.

Above, we layered peacock feathers to wrap a bouquet of deep purple blossoms, including hydrangea and call lilies in burgundy tones. Below, more striking ideas from around the wedding-sphere. To get all the details, visit our Pinterest board, Feathers in Wedding Decor and re-pin away!
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October 9, 2014

Copper Sets Autumn Weddings Aglow

[slide id=”Slider_id”][slide id=”Slider_id”]Copper Glow

Fall brings warmth and glow with burnished leaves, amber afternoons and evening firelight. Copper’s earthy radiance makes it the favored metallic of this season. We found inspiration in an exquisite Indian bride, runway fashions from Elie Saab And Meadham Kirchoff, and a gleaming barn wedding with a glittering cake by City View Bakehouse. Stir the embers of your autumn celebration with coppery accents, accessories and decor.

1. Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick
2. Shimmer Circle Copper Garland
3. Honeycomb Copper Champagne Bucket by Tom Dixon
4. Heart Vintage Marquee Light
5. Jenny Packham Stellina Headdress
6. Bridal Bandeau by Marcus Art & Fashion

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