Creative Ways to Use Estimote Stickers for Weddings


Image: Estimote.

Image: Estimote.

A new tool could help streamline the details of your most important events. Estimote Stickers allow your cell phone and other devices to track and interact with everyday objects. These colorful, miniature beacons sense movement, distance and temperature by sending radio signals with Bluetooth through Apple iBeacon. A step beyond wearable technology, this is nearable technology or “Nearables.”

As soon as I read that kits of ten stickers are available for pre-order I started to think about how they could be used by brides and wedding planners. Centerpiece vases, cake boxes, and gown bags came to mind immediately. Knowing exactly where everything is and when vital components arrive, without so much as sending a text, could ease minds in the hours leading up to the ceremony.

Nearables can even be used to know when potted plants need water. Soon, floral designers may be able to track temperature and moisture levels of large-scale creations like Chuppahs, topiary, arches and suspended decor, all from a smart phone.

Estimote technology is already being piloted by retailers. Beacons, introduced last year, can send info and images to shoppers when they handle items. Forgot to make a note of where you saw that perfect bridesmaid gift? Use your smart phone to look back at items you’ve recently considered buying and connect seamlessly to more information on designers, prices and retail locations. Beacons are also now used at London Heathrow Airport and Guggenheim Museums.

Image: Estimote.

Image: Estimote.


What else could be tagged with a high-tech, pastel Estimote Sticker? Try one on each piece of honeymoon luggage to be sure it’s all in the trunk. A sticker could help ensure that ice sculpture stays too cold to melt. Place a sticker on the underside of the ring pillow and… on the adorable little ring bearer himself.


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