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Wearable Tech Engagement Ring Records Memories

Jewelry has always served as a memory keeper. Now, diamond engagement rings can literally hold wedding memories like vows, photos and web links. Momento Diamond rings by Galatea will be introduced this fall. Luxury wearable wedding tech has truly arrived.

“Think of 50 years from now, and it has your proposal and your wedding vows and your baby being born and your baby saying, ‘I love you.’ It will be so valuable in 50 years, when you actually hand it over, and you can say, ‘Everything is in here.’ It’s like a locket but interactive,” said Galatea founder Chi Huynh said in JCK magazine.
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Elegant Wearable Tech

Apple watch

Wearable technology had a breakthrough month. Apple Watch was unveiled and is on display at Colette Paris. Fashion week in New York launched collaborations between designers including Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch, with technology companies, to create accessories with communication capabilities and features to track fitness and interact with wearer’s smartphones.

We believe “wearable tech” is “wedding tech.” Brides and wedding pros tend to be early adopters of technology and tools that streamline planning, encourage creative design and make it simple to record and share memories. (Remember the first Google Glass bride?) This season, editors and audiences have noticed a difference that will get the wedding crowd’s attention: style. Luxury materials and chic lines may soon give hi-tech brides the chance to geek-out while looking wedding perfect. Read More

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Creative Ways to Use Estimote Stickers for Weddings

Image: Estimote.

Image: Estimote.

A new tool could help streamline the details of your most important events. Estimote Stickers allow your cell phone and other devices to track and interact with everyday objects. These colorful, miniature beacons sense movement, distance and temperature by sending radio signals with Bluetooth through Apple iBeacon. A step beyond wearable technology, this is nearable technology or “Nearables.”

As soon as I read that kits of ten stickers are available for pre-order I started to think about how they could be used by brides and wedding planners. Centerpiece vases, cake boxes, and gown bags came to mind immediately. Knowing exactly where everything is and when vital components arrive, without so much as sending a text, could ease minds in the hours leading up to the ceremony. Read More