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WedTech Summit San Francisco

“Wedding Tech,” is the intersection of the wedding industry – designers, vendors, venues, and newly engaged couples – and the thought leaders, web architects and social media gurus of the technology world. These two industries have something very important in common: creative passion.

Each lighting-fast technological advance is met with fresh ideas for applying it to wedding planning, event design, service marketing, and social-media sharing. The result? Smartphone apps for wedding registries and RSVPs, 3D-printed wedding-cake toppers, wearable tech for brides, and hashtags to track guest photos and mentions in real time. This is an exciting time for brides-to-be, tech-savvy wedding pros, start-up entrepreneurs and angel investors.

WedTech Summit is a conference offering, “…practical lessons for brands, startups and businesses, growing community through creative, authentic, amplification tactics, and showcasing futurists inventing the technology and trends pivoting the wed-market.” It next takes place Monday, May 18, at the Kensington Park Hotel in San Francisco. Featured speakers include WedTech’s Co-founder, Michael Cole, David Adler, CEO of BizBash, Shadiah Sigala, Co-founder of HoneyBook, Rebecca Crumley, Weddings Photo Director of The Knot/ XO Group, and Nancy Hayes, Manager Director of Golden Seeds.

From WedTech advisor, Andre Bourquet, in the Huffington Post:

Today’s digitally engaged couple live on their mobile devices, and frolic on social media. They care about what’s trending, what their friends think, and they want an app to handle the brutality of planning, vetting, and choosing anything and everything around a wedding. They’d hire a robot if they could. Pretty soon, they’ll be able to.

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